By Anonymous - 03/12/2010 16:29 - Canada

Today, a woman slipped on the ice in front of me. Instinctively, I caught her before she fell. Instead of thanking me, she whirled around and asked me if my *expletive* mother had taught me to grope women inappropriately. FML
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Marvin_Android 0

Sounds frustrating. Expecting to get anything other than contempt out of helping others is even more pointless than the rest of life. I've saved my traveling companions' lives several times, and they forget about it each time within moments. I don't know why I bother. Life. Don't talk to me about life.

Hey, being able to sweep women off of their feet ain't all it's cracked up to be anymore...

brightnite 0

Drop her, if she already got up trip her.

push her bitch ass back on the floor then t-bag her

you say "oh my no. here let me grope you appropriately."

well what else is a manic depressive robot to do Marvin?

yes, totally would have been my reaction. "wtf? really? OOPS!" crack goes her head on the ice... "my bad"

That is where I simply allow her to finish her fall with a little help to negate the help I gave her to stop her fall. Inconsiderate people should get what is coming and in that case, what was coming was a date with the ground.

Gamessence 19

Women only act this way if a guys ugly. eck double standards.

You should have groped her appropriately.

sometimes when yu r reactin fast u dont look where u jst wanna make sure person dsnt fall

if a random woman falls.... were do you even grab her to catch her???

I would think your weird Uncle Rick would have taught you inappropriate groping. What, I'm the only one with a weird Uncle Rick?

Emmy_m92 0

I have a weird uncle that's a dick. Strange Eh =

I have a Uncle Rik...he's dead though :( RIP

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KingDingALing 9

My dick's name is Uncle Rick.

Emmy_m92 0

Is it a quick dick named Rick?

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KiddNYC1O 20

A thick tick on uncle Rick's dick

omfgrofl1337 0

I've got my dick on Uncle Rick... Oh wait..

wwerulez14 6

C-c-c-combo breaker! Just wanted to be that guy, please carry on.

Infosys 0

Doc, Yttrium Deuterium Iridium would be a chemical anomaly. Those are all cations.

That's part of the joke, I think. Also, it wouldn't stand for Iridium anyway, I is Iodine in the periodic table. :P

I have a weird ankle due to rickets - does that count?

mjcdsjf 0

It amazes me how people can act. The only reason some people live is because it is illegal to kill them

And then you dropped that bitch right back on the ice. Right?

popprock 13

I laughed really hard at that xD I certainly would have. I mean I don't plan on catching falling women any time soon though...

thisgirl2u 9

You could have confessed that yes indeed, your mother had taught you to "inappropriately grope women" as you catch them and prevent them from falling. Because your mother is just good people like that.

What a bitch. I hope she slips again and that no one is around to catch her, groping or otherwise, and that she sprains her ankle or something else thats painfull but not life threatening. I would have had to reply, "and did yours teach you that filthy language?"

perdix 29

Unfortunately, your instinct was to catch her by the **** and say "Honk."

Should've asked if her ******* mother had taught her to thank people who do you a favor.