By Trey Deluna - 03/12/2010 17:12 - United States

Today, my mother asked me to drill a hole in one of the studs in her ceiling. Finding it a little odd, I asked her about it. It turns out she's installing the sex swing her boyfriend bought her, and I got to help. FML
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Well, it's always nice to be helpful... even if it does scar you for life.


iloveeeyou 0

kinda weird, she shouldn't have told you. fyl!

I bet you like drilling holes in studs...

therealsuperman 0

It's only kinky the first time

cdatribe23 0

haha kinky was my first reaction too XD

hmm. So is that just a regular swing but a little bigger so you can have sex on it? OP this is great! When it's not in use just wipe it down with something and take a ride!!

I know I do says the gay guy replying to your comment;)

zkchild 0

With a slutty mom like that your lucky you didn't end up having to drill holes into studs. The good looking people shouldn't have to deal with that kind of abuse.

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you are beautiful even with shutter shades

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who comes up with all that stuff? seriously a retail store is almost the size of walmart these days.. *whoow!* takes my breath away..

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xD I'm sorry but you should ask her if you can use it sometime

They're going for the Tarzan reenactment, eh?

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Sounds like your mom will be having fun ;)

I dunno... You don't know how old OP is or how open he or she is with the parents (and vice versa).

Having to install your mothers sexswing is ALWAYS a parenting fail, no matter how old and/or open they are.

As you wish. Oh, and your profile should say, "Don't take it too seriously," instead of saying, "Don't take it too serious." Also, "to" is misspelled at the end. I'm really not trying to be rude; I'm trying to help (you said to do so, after all).

Presumably that's why it needs to go through a stud in the ceiling.

Ohhh! hahaha. didn't read that part. my bad( :

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