By Joseph N - 19/06/2012 16:08 - United States

Today, a police officer came to talk to the kids at my workplace. He asked what they wanted to hear about first. A group of them shouted, "The donuts, tells us about the donuts." Apparently these idiots are the future of my country. FML
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I think you're overreacting. They are just kids.

At least they chose a subject the police know about.


At least they chose a subject the police know about.

/face-to-the-palm.. I worry about society in retrospect.

Shouldn't that be "palm-to-the-face"? Or did you just invent a new gesture?

I think it just depends which is moving first, your face towards your palm, our vice-versa.

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I see what you mean, but I myself find it near impossible to bring my face to my palm without any arm movement. So this "new gesture" is defunct I think.

Forget the donuts. Doesn't the world know about that already?

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I don't see the problem here. Cops eat donuts because they taste so ******' good!

2, Right? Why waste time asking dumb questions when donuts are the most important thing when being a cop? jk...kind of ;-)

I think he meant, you know, when people say "Heck to the no." I think he was saying it like that.

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Donuts are the most important part of anything, especially funerals. On second thought, donuts are a bit festive for that. I've never actually been to a funeral due to the fact that I'm sixteen and live in a good neighborhood.

I think you're overreacting. They are just kids.

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Yeah, cause as we all know, all kids are clones of their parents and don't spend most of their lives hanging around other kids who have no life experience. /sarcasm

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If the kids were older they were just trying to be funny and if they were younger they don't know any better

What? Children want to know about donuts from cops?! Our future is in ruins and the parents must be punished for teaching this to their kids because they obviously took the time to tell them this!

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@33 Actually, if they're younger then they might have been trying to be funny, too. Also, I'm inclined to think that they're younger, because older kids would have asked to see his gun.

I agree on over reacting when really, the older age groups should look at themselves (talking 20s-30s). Where do you think the kids got the idea of cops and doughnuts? TV/movies.. The media. How many men and women are depressed for not being what the media tells them is ideal? How much of peoples' life styles are changing because the media has said that what has worked for thousands of years isn't "normal"? The kids have an excuse, what's their parents' excuse?

You are are a jerk they are just kids get over yourself.

I know! And if they are working with children, then they shouldn't be calling the kids idiots

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For real what is this bitch's problem..

Yeah the OP is over reacting. It sounds like these are elementary kids from the FML.

59- See his gun? Nah I would have him taze someone!

I once asked the security guard at the mall if I could see his taser. He said no. :(

Some older people call younger people, around the ages of 18 and 25 kids, even if they aren't actually children. So maybe it's not actually children...

They are kids, however they could still show some respect to the men and women who are keeping law and order.

Yeah, they should respect their authoritah!

You really think little kids would know Amy better? Teenagers are a different story.

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36-Well, if a cop is around, there'd be a lot of tension, so maybe they're trying to lighten the mood? ... Just a suggestion...

45 - Sadly, many of us do not know an Amy.

36- i understand why you may think that way but again, theyre just kids. And like 45 said, they probably dont know any better if theyre young

Apparently you idiots sucking social security dry and leaving my generation to deal with your wrath of pollution, corruption, and economic downturn are the future of mine. Go **** yourself before making generalizations OP.

That's really sad. Poor stereotyped cops.

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It's funny because it's true. There is a dunkin donuts on the way to school, everyday i pass it, there are anywhere from 2-4 cop cars there.

2-4 cop If everyone drove a car that stated their occupation I'm sure cops wouldn't be the only ones discriminated with donut shops...

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Dude, **** the cops. I've seen it too many times. On my street, or down the road i should say, we have a pizza place, a donut shop and a mexican food place. An ambulance, cops, and firetrucks have all stopped, ignored calls to eat their food. I know they ignored them too cause i walked by their cars and trucks and the radio was going crazy about calls and everything and every time none of them left. So if some little kids are going to stereotype them, then it's funny and true.

Even cops have to eat lunch. Shocking, I know. They didn't react because they were on break and other patrol cars were out there on duty responding to the radio. There are people who are bad at their profession in any job. Both good and bad cops exist. We can't judge the whole lot of them based on what we see individuals doing. They have a high risk job and one that requires a lot of dedication, so give them a little credit.

Where I live, there aren't many doughnut places. Sometimes I see cops at like chik fil a but they're off duty.

Let me school you here son. Just because their radios were "going crazy about calls" to you doesn't mean 1. They were ignoring them. I promise they were all listening and would react if needed. And 2. The general public don't understand most of the police lingo and can hear a bunch of transmissions and think its something serious when it really isn't. So many meals are left on tables from having to run out for emergencies. They could be assigned to a designated area and you're hearing traffic for other areas of service. How do I know this? I'm a cop and our Parish/County is 110 miles long and officers in the south can hear transmissions from the central and north areas, and vice versa. So "**** the cops"? How about you call a crackhead next time you need help and see what happens.

It's true, though. There's a donut shop on the way to my school, and normally there's around five cop cars there.

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You do realize that there are other policemen, firemen and such on call as well right? My father is a cop. His radio is always going off about something going on. In response to #69

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Did u ever stop and think that there are others running those calls from dispatch because they are stationed closer to the call? They all don't just up and run when a call comes because its not in their area. Otherwise they would go. They're these things called contracts with the city/county. They have to respond. It's what they do.. Cops/EMS/and fire dept people are normally posted in districts (areas of which they stay) dispatch tells them when to respond and guess what!? They have radios and pagers too! Stop being so simple minded and immature.

They're just kids! I am more saddened by the fact that you are the present of our country!

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I almost put that but it seemed to Long for a quip.

The sad thing is the kids knew cops are useless for most anything except inhaling donuts. World smart IMO

8, Cops aren't useless! I dare you to go up to Robocop or Judge Dread and day "you are useless mate". The only one who could just laugh it off is Chief Wiggum, but even he serves a purpose.

24; yeah, they do, but is that really more notable than donuts?

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I'm a cop too. If we're so useless, call a crackhead next time you need help.

Mossadchick 5

Nicely said brother. Where do you serve?? I serve in Missouri

Lol so? It was funny. I'm sure they had serious questions too.

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I think that's a legit question. Actually, the first police i saw i the U.S. was eating donuts like crazy.

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Well, most stereotypes do start from some morsel of truth. So what, cops aren't allowed to eat donuts anymore? Donuts are tasty! And yes, a lot of (not all) blonds are kind of stupid. Smart people know that bleaching and frying your hair is not good for it. ;-)

Actually, the stereotype is for blondes. (Females, not males.)

tkay, we all understand that you're using sarcasm to make a joke, but if you want to be thumbed up, your jokes have to actually be FUNNY.