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I can't even construct a phrase that describes her idiocy.

Sorry OP. You did your best. FYL


Sorry OP. You did your best. FYL

"Snippy"? Really? I'm sorry too OP, there's not much you can reasonably do when faced with someone throwing such silly allegations at you. Kudos for being responsible and doing the right thing by trying to keep her off-site, even if she reacted in such a strange manner.

maybe OP isnt telling us everything. like actually being snippy

Sorry OP. She sounds like an idiot.

Charge her for trespassing :)

Or report to the police officers' superiors that the police were being "snippy"

I can't even construct a phrase that describes her idiocy.

The king of hearts is apparantly not the king of jokes.

Thats probably why it says thekingofhearts

Or that of the police for actually responding to that complaint...

Sometimes I wonder if some police even know what their job is.

They do..... Some people just forget what the polices job is and expect them to deal with "snippy" people instead of criminals

who knows what she actually said to them. she could've said that he was berating her or threatening her in a snippy tone. police usually won't drive out to see about a snippy guy asking someone to leave their property.

Is it me or are so many people like that?

She sounds like one of those people who'd also call the cops for someone kicking her trashcan or walking on her lawn.

leogachi 15

@7 You should call the police when someone kicks your trashcan over. That's called vandalism.

Hmm. If it's full I guess I would care more

You can get in trouble with the police just for being "snippy"? Wtf?

Sounds to me like this lady is married to a cop.

My dad and brother have had the cops called on them for the same thing. If the cops belong to a small little community, they tend to side with the resident and give the construction crew waaay more shit than they deserve. It's extremely annoying and the only stuff it does is delay the work.

I have a feeling that the police that showed up are related to this woman. I don't think police officers normally give people hell just for being snippy. Unless you are being snippy to the police officer.

That's the point of the FML of course she was the one who reported the OP

Yeah a few things not adding up on this FML...

I didn't know you could report snippiness to the police.

I didn't know you could report snippiness to the police.