By Anonymous - United States - Sacramento
Today, a teenage girl with a selfie stick came into my workplace. She knocked down multiple displays while trying to take pictures, before leaving without making a purchase. I had to clean it all up. FML
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  Majrdestroy  |  20

I agree, I don't know whether to blame the youth, society, or the parents, but I strongly dislike the generation right after mine. Albeit with a few exceptions of course.

  RyWillieMitch  |  16

I strongly dislike the whole "generation" thing. People aren't born in batches once every couple years, so there's no real gap to use to define generations. It's just a silly term people use to try and separate themselves from the embarrassing shit younger people do.

  irisr_fml  |  24

I'm 15 and I know she sounds dumb, but clearly not every one of our "generation" is like that. The ones who are like that are just louder than the many others who aren't, so they get notice more often

  fuckercakes  |  21

Are we not gonna mention the fact that #21 is 17, and very much still considered a teenager? Exactly what "generation right after" yourself are you referring to?

  Catdragon  |  40

look up Jonh B. Calhoun rat experiments. the narcissistic behavior, the antisocial rates, yes even homosexuality. all these violent crimes. it's due to overpopulation. there may be a natural kill switch embedded in our brains that prevents one species from procreating too much.

  Ashd09  |  30

#22 not all teenage girls are like that. I know for a fact that if me or most of my friends knock something down or break something we would clean it up or fix/pay for it

  Allornone  |  35

51- spoken like someone who has never actually worked retail. yes, there are harder jobs, but trust me when I tell you that it's a bit more soul-crushing than you realize.

  badgercheese94  |  16

#53, if yer using a "selfie stick" yer probably already an idiot and way too obsessed with yourself. It is one thing to occassionally take a picture of yourself, but if you did it enough where you buy a device to increase selfie production, and you do dumbass things like wander in a store, annoy customers and employees, and go there for the sole purpose of selfies and not buy anything, you got a serious Johnny Bravo complex!