By grosstoenail - 13/07/2016 05:04 - Canada - Courtice

Today, while I selling merch at a festival, a volunteer lost her toenail. Not only did she immediately show me, but she then took a picture and showed everyone coming up to my station. I lost sales because she wouldn't leave. FML
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How do some people's parents fail so hard at teaching them etiquette?


Priorities, toenails are important. Missing ones are even more important. On a more serious note, sorry you missed out on sales OP. Better luck next time.

Should have just asked them to leave your stall or not show it around because it's not appropriate.. YDI for not speaking up.

No where does is say op didn't say anything. It does say that the woman refuse to leave.

it doesn't say anywhere she "refused" to leave. it just says she wouldn't leave

How do some people's parents fail so hard at teaching them etiquette?

It might be less of a "their parents faild to teach them etiquette" and more of a "this person has a social disibility" (like aspergers) and they just didn't realize.

I am autistic and have lost several toenails, not once did it occur to me to show random strangers my lost toenail. I'm pretty sure even we realize that's totally grody.

Would it have been too hard to simply ask her to keep it moving? If you didn't have the backbone to tell this girl to get the **** out of your way, YDI.

I mean, if it says that she -refused- to leave, I assume someone did ask her to. You really can't refuse something you haven't been offered.

You know they have security for a reason....

Couldn't you have called security to get her to leave

I read merch as meth and thought you totally deserved it :p

If you see her working a stall, find something disgusting and parade that around.

This girl was probably the sister of a competing vendor and the whole debacle was staged to drive customers to the other stall.