Nutella then?

By meeee - 21/03/2013 10:01 - United States

Today, my boyfriend and I got into a serious argument and he stormed out of the house mad. Why? I wouldn't lick chocolate syrup off of his knob. FML
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Would she prefer whipped cream and nuts?

What's wrong with you? Chocolate syrup is so great, I'll bet a lot of dudes who aren't even gay would lick it off. Not me, I'm on a diet.


Would she prefer whipped cream and nuts?

#16 - Your sense of humour is questionable.

Who covers their doorknob with all these things? You wouldn't be able to use the door... *sexually oblivious*

I write "slippery when wet" on my knob. Actually, it's more like a club than a knob.....

OP is a very bad girlfriend. Here was I thinking women love chocolate!

"you know what else could go with this sundae? some nuts.. Oh nevermind, cause you'll be chalk full of them in a few minutes"

That's what she didn't understand ;] #68

Ah 97 I can see it now...OP walks into the room and notices her boyfriend has this stupid ass giggly look on his face and he motions to the other side of the room where there's a doorknob covered in icecream toppings

For some reason I think it should have been "here I was" not "here was I" just my opinion though, I'm not an English teacher or anything.

Someone gets me! Haha #98

126 Woah! Get a room, you two :)

-thumbs down- 141 hahah.. I always get negative votes because people don't see the views in my humour.. [or way of being, to be completely off topic] So, it's refreshing sometimes!

Everything is better with chocolate! At least he was being considerate

Unless he's a unique eunuch, nuts are always included

Would make giving head more enjoyable on the girls part .-.

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Maybe she just wasn't in the mood? People who expect sex whenever they want it, without regard for their partners, disgust me.

Selfish? What the hell? It her choice whether she wants to give someone a blowjob or not.

What is your big deal? So she has to comply to his every whim? It doesn't work like that. Relationships are compromises and they're a balance of two people. It can't just be, "I wan't you to suck this chocolate syrup off me now. Do it aready!" No.

let me guess you one of those guys that say i want a blow job but doesnt returne the favore

24 - Let me guess, you're one of those people who can't spell correctly.

bamagrl410 31

3 - If by selfish you mean someone who doesn't do everything you want when you want it, then you'll be sorely disappointed when you enter the real world. Just because OP didn't comply this time doesn't mean she hasn't in other ways. And who knows, maybe the boyfriend is the selfish one. But I don't think there's enough info here for you to make a judgement like that.

24- Let me guess, your one of those idiots who have mistaken the OP for her boyfriend

So did he waltz out of the house with chocolate syrup still on his knob then? Ahaha I've heard of dick cheese but not dick syrup. What next, dick noodles? Oh no... what have I done.

Dick cheese? O_O I have not heard that term before... I just gagged.

Go home Pleonasm! You're drunk!

Every day's St.Paddy's for me, aye. Craic and banter well doused in beer!

Damn you Pleo.... Now I'm sitting here thinking of the guy running of with syrup on his knob. Sigh... Now I question my sexuality. Where's my mother-in-law shrink.

49, see: smegma

Nice to see someone else who uses the word 'Craic'!

You're so funny!

Hahaha!!!! but seriously, FYL Op!!

You must have terribly poor reading comprehension skills if it took you that long to read that.

I hate when people put fucking millions of exclamations at the end of their sentence

That brings a whole new meaning to sexually frustrated

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Because not all girls are into that.. If you can't respect your gf then you shouldn't have one..

#27, what about a boyfriend? I mean..... what?!?!

They are women !!! They don't deserve our respect

Old unused 13

Oh, I don't know. Why don't you ask and find out?

I'm with you, I thought "why the hell not?" I'm sure there was a good reason. The only thing I can think of is that it wasn't actually chocolate.

Man I wish my boyfriend would try stuff like that!

I know right!!! What a perfectly good waste of syrup and a boner this FML was.

So far for OP's exciting sex life.

You can make suggestions in bed too, #9

Doing this is actually pretty great. You should of tried it!

i sense a banana split joke here

Did you guys banana split up after. Haha oh yes.

^ hahahaha YES!