By Jack - 30/11/2010 08:48

Today, a guy at my work asked if I could fix his computer in his cubicle. The first thing I see on the screen when he logs me onto it is an anime porn game with tentacles. My boss walks by, stares at me and then laughs uncontrollably. FML
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I love that game! What's his/your high score?

xXDubbleChic 11

#1 I'm going to steal it dog!!!!

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Sounds like something New Grounds would have lol

26 - you're obviously a wannabe and that's obviously not your picture...

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even if you right how can you tell?

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It's "cubicle"...I should know, I spend 9 hours a day in one M-F.

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I would have laughed too, Fail(:

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I hope in exchange the other guy can teach you to spell "cubicle." Was the boss laughing over how much he's going to enjoy firing your ass?

Shoulda said that it was in his "official work business of hard work" file.