By Phazzer - 16/10/2009 13:39 - United States

Today, I went outside to enjoy the cool air without my glasses. I saw my neighbor doing the same, so I waved and said hi. When she didn't respond, I yelled and went back inside. It was only later when I went back out with my glasses on that I realized I was being ignored by a Halloween decoration. FML
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F your neighbor's life for being ugly enough to pass as a Halloween decoration.

robbietherabbit 0

... what did you yell? Just hello, or angrily?


bubbles94 0 time WEAR glasses...

i wear contacts :) i think i did something similar except the Halloween decoration was one of those ones that moon you. needless to say i looked like an idiot . not once but twice.

bubbles94 0

actually more or less just plain uncomfortable to wear XP

killerviral 0

lol yea smart one I have 20/20 vision I went to the eye doctor yesterday it sucks

CowGoesMoo 0

That sucks, but it's totally happened to me before, or something similar at least. Hopefully no one saw you yell at it!

AndreaHatesYou1 0

You're an idiot. Also a drama king.

Don't call somebody stupid unless you can use proper grammar. *You're

I'm sure your neighbor would love to hear that she was mistaken for a Halloween decoration.. aren't they usually emaciated, 6-foot tall rotting skeletons?

robbietherabbit 0

... what did you yell? Just hello, or angrily?

evangldbrg 0

Why is this an FML? So you were talking to an inanimate object accidentally. People do that on purpose...

OhMyGodOx 0

Ahahaha, I Laughed. Alot, :) X