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F your neighbor's life for being ugly enough to pass as a Halloween decoration.

... what did you yell? Just hello, or angrily?

Comments time WEAR glasses...

but glasses are for nerds

i wear contacts :) i think i did something similar except the Halloween decoration was one of those ones that moon you. needless to say i looked like an idiot . not once but twice.

actually more or less just plain uncomfortable to wear XP

lol yea smart one I have 20/20 vision I went to the eye doctor yesterday it sucks

That sucks, but it's totally happened to me before, or something similar at least. Hopefully no one saw you yell at it!

Hilarious story but you YDI.

You're an idiot. Also a drama king.

no offense your stupid. ydi

Don't call somebody stupid unless you can use proper grammar. *You're

I'm sure your neighbor would love to hear that she was mistaken for a Halloween decoration.. aren't they usually emaciated, 6-foot tall rotting skeletons?

... what did you yell? Just hello, or angrily?

Why is this an FML? So you were talking to an inanimate object accidentally. People do that on purpose...

Yeah, this should be on MLIA.

Ahahaha, I Laughed. Alot, :) X