By B_and_W - 21/11/2013 11:35 - France

Today, I watched a little girl laugh while giving bread to some pigeons at a bus stop. A bus then arrived. All the pigeons moved out of the away, except one. Its head got crushed by a wheel, and some blood splattered onto the little girl's shoes, who then screamed. With laughter. FML
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That child may very well be the Demon Seed.

zahra_786 19

At least she won't be scarred for life. Heartless child haha.


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That child may very well be the Demon Seed.

" When all the little girls in your neighborhood become ****** up little monsters"

StompinOnCrayons 15

Now this is a story all about how my life got twisted upside down and i'd like ya take a minute and sit right there and tell you how I became the killer of that pigeon right there. Became a bus drives born and raised , dealing with customers wastin up most of my days , chillin out relaxin , lookin at the bus stop, and I saw a child there, was up to no good ! Started smiling creepy (scared the neighbourhood) I run over one little pigeon and that damn girl screamed *'cept she's giggling with laughter as the pigeons brain flew in the air Sing to the tune fresh prince of bel air (theme )

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Oh God... it has begun! Better grab mah gun while I still have arms. @_@

I enjoyed your comment so much #125 I sang it out loud

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125- I sang it to the theme song right off the bat hahah.

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Well I don't care if you're the Demon seed of Davy Jones! You're going down Tubby!

You have too much time on your hands....

Oh god... When I read this comment it had 666 likes


Meh let her be demon spawn, its not like she will become a West Memphis 3 copycat


Just for the record I completely supported the West Memphis 3, I believe they were (mostly) innocent

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At least she won't be scarred for life. Heartless child haha.

No, sounds like something else might already have done that..

She's not necessarily heartless. When I was 5 my best guy friend tried to jump over a trash can and ended up cracking his head open. Me? I couldn't stop laughing. Same thing happened a little later when my best girl friend had a seizure in front of me AND when my teacher accidentally slammed a drawer on my hand and broke 2 of my fingers. It wasn't because I thought any of that was funny, but it's just how I handle stress, pain, and pretty much anything that upsets/worries me. Some people just handle things in strange ways. It doesn't mean that they're heartless.

But the OP will for the rest of his...

So when did OP said the girl was 5? He said "little girl", she could be 3 - 10.

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183 - She said when SHE was 5. That doesn't necessarily mean she was implying that the little girl OP mentioned was 5.

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Her psycho self makes me wonder if her parents have anything to do with this.

Yes, because kids aren't known for their innocence and lack of understanding what-so-ever. Not.

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At 3 years, my daughter was aware what death was, and she wasn't traumatized or anything. Some kids just develop the understanding at different rates.

You just witnessed the birth of true evil.

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#6, you mean Public Transportation? I mean, buses are kind of nasty, but I wouldn't call them "true evil."

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#36: The number of your comment is the square of the number of the comment that you're replying to.

CURSE YOU FOR BRINGING MATH INTO THIS SITUATION!!! Lol jk. Good for you; I never would've noticed xD

Guess the bird is now food for mice. The circle of liiifeee!

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It's the circle of life ........... If you know what I mean

she may have sadistic personality disorder, where she likes to watch others suffer

Kids these days... I'm just kidding. That's horrifying.

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Yeah, I heard little kids on my bus one talking about murder and such. It was scary, I almost wanted to just run off that bus!

What kind of sick freak would waste good satin sticking it in a little girl's body?

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#11 omg like seriously how could you say that :O