scooterr14 tells us more.

im OP.and the break was bad enough that the scholarship was revoked. im not gonna be able to play volleyball for a few years due to ligament damage. im an outside hitter and i wont be able to jump. i could switch to libero but i wouldnt even manage to red shirt. my grades are not high enough for academic entrance

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Eye for an eye. Tooth for a tooth. BROKEN ANKLE FOR A BROKEN ANKLE. Siblings. *sigh*

That really sucks! What about academic scholarships?


That really sucks! What about academic scholarships?

Maybe OP's grades are not good enough to get an academic scholarship.

Who needs both legs for volleyball they'll heal soon just take meth am play on it

Wait she is about to go to college and she needs a babysitter?! lol

Haha totally misread that. I admit defeat

If your student loans are that bad I feel sorry for you. Mine are nowhere near that high. Depends on what school you go to and how much credit you have. For many people, student loans are the answer.

Maybe It's Destiny Talking.?Something Good Always Has To Come After Something Bad.

Majority of school related sports teams require players to maintain a GPA minimum of a 3.0 or higher to remain active on their teams. I doubt her grades were the issue. Maybe OP also had academic scholarships but held off for the time that she was injured so she could get full use of the free cash seeing as she wouldn't get the sports scholarship for the time she wasn't playing regardless of whether or not she took classes.

You're winning for admitting defeat !

Better start babysitting:)

Oh noes :( now you have to start thinking!

Eye for an eye. Tooth for a tooth. BROKEN ANKLE FOR A BROKEN ANKLE. Siblings. *sigh*


Hmmm. Your picture reminds me of something but I just can't figure out what.


Huh. Yes, I meant unicorn. Don't judge me.

An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind

what kind of toy was it? O.o

Umm does it really matter?

it was a " lets fuck up people's life" barbie doll. Mattel TM

Fuck thats unlucky

Yeah that seems quite inconvenient. I feel really bad for you. That basically fucked up alot

time to get a new baby sister and chuck the old one out

I'll buy the OP's old baby sister...if she sells it to me cheap. I haven't found any tasty babies for baby stew in a really long time =c!

damn! baby stew? I prefer roasted babies

Well if your smart you can get another scholarship. A good athlete always remembers the back up plan.

Yeah this isn't English class. I have that on Monday's. Thank you!

You need it.

Not when I'm on the Internet. So fyl grammar nazi since you have nothing better to do with your miserable life than correct me.

There's something very special about misspelling your/you're while giving condescending advice about intelligence and back-up plans.

Can they not red shirt you the first year?

No. When they red shirt you they still expect you to work out with the team. Red shirting isn't used for recovery. It's used when you're not quite good enough yet and need a little improvement to be ready for college sports.

Not necessarily, I had a cousin who got a full wrestling scholarship for IU, and he messed up his back right before the season started. They red shirted him (thats the only reason I'd heard about it).

Life can be a real b*tch sometimes :( like I finally got to my goal weight of 120 and then got diagnose with hypothyroidism, guess I wasn't meant to be skinny.

Guess you weren't.FYL

Most of your post was you throwing your own problems in the spotlight because...?

F your life forsure.. Sorry

normally, they dont kick you out as you would recover soon ... but since you wanted to post this on FML .................

The ankle is a pretty bad break with so many nerves and ligaments in a small place. Even after the bones recover the nerve pain can persist for years afterwards.

Ankle injuries are HORRIBLE! I had a severe *sprain* when I was younger and thanks to a build up of scar tissue on the achilles tendon the pain can be crippling sometimes. I can't even begin to imagine how much worse it's going to be for OP because it was an actual break! Hopefully you can get another scholarship OP, or at the very least a student loan (honestly, student loans are the only reason I'll be getting my degree next spring)!