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By  JadeMinu  |  10

That's actually pretty rough to hear, but hopefully she didn't mean what she said... Maybe she had a tough day and decided to take it out on you..Just let her be for the day, and then when she's a bit calmer, talk to her about it, or at least let her know she did hurt your feelings a bit..

  GhostFox  |  33

That's because it is, because this is a common way for an abuser to abuse their victim that largely leaves the victim unable to retaliate or defend themself. The abusers stages something like what OP heard where they know the victim will see or hear it, then pretend they didn't do anything. This means the victim either:
A) Has to endure it because they are afraid of being punished, and thus makes it easier for the abuse to take root.
B) Denies/counters the abusive claims, and gets punished for "eavesdropping"

It's used in conjunction with gaslighting a lot, as well.

By  azouwa  |  26

advice from a mom: hell with her. stay in school. hold your head high. remember, school is your ticket away from that.

  GhostFox  |  33

Because a lot of society and especially certain large sections of the government think that all people with wombs MUST want to have kids, and don't have the right to control their body. And even if they have access to healthcare to help prevent unwanted children and pregnancies, there are people that then threaten, shame, and harass those who so much as consider those options, regardless of how obviously unfit the parent is. Those same people then promptly stop giving a fuck once the new human (that they insisted the old, poorly adapted for parenthood one finished making) take their first breath of fresh air.

I could keep going about all the ways people fuck over children by essentially forcing people who should NOT be parents, into being parents, but I won't.