By Amanda Howard

When you gotta go, you gotta go

Today, I came home after being stuck in traffic needing to pee really badly. When I went to the bathroom, my boyfriend was on the toilet. I couldn't hold it longer, so I went into the woods behind our house and found a bush. Relieving myself, my butt started to itch. I was sitting in poison ivy. FML
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  rotflqtms_  |  18

Maybe when she bent down to squat she accidentally brushed her butt against it. I'm not sure why she had to pee so close to the Bush to touch it, but maybe she was trying not to be seen and tried to use it to hide or something. You pee facing forward. She had to turn away from whatever she was peeing on and blindly squat also taking care not to get her clothes or shoes wet while also balancing and trying to keep out of sight of any people passing by as she can't just pull out a penis and start peeing... but... to go outside to pee when you're already inside... I would have peed in the shower. Not a sink like some people suggested... but there are buckets, there are plastic disposable cups... so many things to use, and she went outside to pee after being inside...