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  cparrenas  |  3

OP, maybe the girl he's moving for is the same girl that posted about a long distance bf moving to be with her but doesn't know that she has another bf that she is moving in with!!!! :0

  seanreddog  |  4

Search emoji in the app store, and if you can't figure it out from there, you don't deserve emoji!


  robertdr  |  0


  aznpopgrl02  |  0



@56 Leave me the fuck alone. I just did two comments and all of a sudden that means I'm "starting shit" seriously your like so annoying. And that "pussy monster" name is old. Get over yourself

  kalixzo  |  11

Hey Sean, let's have an emoji war!!!


Take that, biotch!!!

  Haileyw15  |  0

Holy shit. Reading idonthate's comments give me a headache. That's like reading a mentally retarded second grader's comments. And why are you people so worried about rawr's pic? Oh that's right, because you have no life.

By  Ragnir  |  0

I'm sorry, every time I think of chatroulette I think of the south park episode where cartman tries to get kyle to meet people on it.. only to run into dudes showing off their junk for hours on end..

on topic - OP your ex sounds like a loser, you don't need him anyway

  leftyharris  |  0

YES... Win "Dudes jacking off, dudes jacking off, dudes jacking off, Oh here's a guy! ohp, he's walking to the back of the room. oh he's taking out his penis"
"Kyle, if you wanna meet friends online, you gotta Wade through the dicks first"