By Sarahfizzeller - 26/05/2010 20:13 - United States

Today, I found out my ex-boyfriend is moving out to California to be with a girl he met while on Chatroulette. We broke up because he thought we were moving too fast. FML
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Your ex-boyfriend sounds like an idiot. Be glad to be rid of him...

or where guys with wierd dicks are found jacking off


OP, maybe the girl he's moving for is the same girl that posted about a long distance bf moving to be with her but doesn't know that she has another bf that she is moving in with!!!! :0

No that was just the excuse he gave you... Break up fmls are boring. ..,, 

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1, you fail. And aha chatroulette, jeez xP

well he's gambling with love....get it? well I think I'm a genius (;

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lol he uses chatroulette i wonder if karma could work on this

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Or at least, he "said" he thought you were moving too fast. If he's the kind of guy it looks like he is, that's not what he was really thinking.


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stalker! hes your EX , let him be.

he's your ex. who cares. find someone better who's not desperate enough to find a girl off of charoulette

sean i dont know how the hell i ever lived without them i am never speaking again just using emoji awesome

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its probably gonna turn out to be a guy

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Good thing he's your ex cause he's either an asshole, or very stupid. Or both?

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lol@#6 maybe she is eight..wat a retard bf..let him go because he probably doesn't even have ffeelngs for u anymore...

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Pussy monster are you starting shit again? Yeah Kevin it's going to be a guy:) I just know it.

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41, ******* retarded. That's what it is.

No todo lo que brilla es oro. Aha! It actually fits in this instance! :) (Not all that glitters is gold)

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@56 Leave me the **** alone. I just did two comments and all of a sudden that means I'm "starting shit" seriously your like so annoying. And that "pussy monster" name is old. Get over yourself

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I get annoying? lol that just funny. No i like the name.

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do I have to tell you twice? and good if that's funny go ahead and laugh trick.

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hey Taylor I still think beyonce won

Hey Sean, let's have an emoji war!!!  Take that, biotch!!!

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#79 Can I be the judge? I am a little bored.

hey pussy monster why dont you and your mosquito bites get the **** out of fml

its a site where you can randomly talk to people its mainly a place where men ********** but u can click next dont do it:)

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hi rose :D lol yea its gonna turn out bad im the real pussy monster btw haha and whats emoji?

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Holy shit. Reading idonthate's comments give me a headache. That's like reading a mentally retarded second grader's comments. And why are you people so worried about rawr's pic? Oh that's right, because you have no life.

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Ahaha. They all got modded.

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****. That wasn't supposed to post there.

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Chatroullte? Is that a webcam chat thingy? I'm pretty sure it is. So how the **** could the girl be a guy if OP was webcaming with her?

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Haha chateoulette is awesome except for the guys that jerk it while on there

Your ex-boyfriend sounds like an idiot. Be glad to be rid of him...

I hate anti flood, and your ex is an idiot be glad you broke up

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chatroulette: where budding strippers are found.

The only things I ever come across on Chatroulette is man-junk. And guys "using" their man-junk. OHHH MY WORD. :(

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lol sooo true and the occasional breasts

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I found lesbians trying to get it on fer me.

pahaha I had a girl start stripping for me

An intelligent conversation on chatroulette is rare. Just like intelligent conversation most anywhere online.

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My friends and I got a morbidly obese woman to start licking her breasts.

She was probablly trying to eat it not lick it.

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where have I been? I have never heard of chatroullete. WTF is it?

129. love your pic. I have a Saint myself. love those dogs.

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Maybe if you try hard, you can find someone just as stupid to replace him.

Well you only met him 5 minutes ago, he's been talking to that girl for hours!

I'm sorry, every time I think of chatroulette I think of the south park episode where cartman tries to get kyle to meet people on it.. only to run into dudes showing off their junk for hours on end.. on topic - OP your ex sounds like a loser, you don't need him anyway

YES... Win "Dudes jacking off, dudes jacking off, dudes jacking off, Oh here's a guy! ohp, he's walking to the back of the room. oh he's taking out his penis" "Kyle, if you wanna meet friends online, you gotta Wade through the dicks first"

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hahaha maybe u should follow him!

Lol the girl he left u for is more than likely, secretly a 45 year old dude!

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it's okay. obviously he's not worth posting about :p and I always wonder how people find out about their gf or bf Doing these kinds of things.