By livingstonjamie - 13/01/2015 08:28 - Australia - Hampton

Today, a council worker showed up on my doorstep for the final pool installation inspection, which was scheduled 10 years ago. FML
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Your tax dollars at work.

mysteryguy3039 32

Better late than never


Your tax dollars at work.

How are pools relevant to tax dollars.

It's a council worker/member. That's why

I would imagine because your property taxes are affected when things are changed in your yard, and they'd send a city employee to inspect the work.

Does #7 even understand how tax money works?

mysteryguy3039 32

Better late than never

In this case I would prefer never...

Cold Case - PID (Pool Inspection Division).

but never late is better

Well, what happened? ^^

Making a clone army was probably higher on their priority list than inspecting your pool.

That's what happens to you then

Maybe the council worker took a bus that was supposed to arrive 10 years ago - did you ask?;)

Bureaucratic bullshit at its finest.

I hope you passed if you had 10 years to prepare for it

How do you know if it passed or not. It doesn’t say what kind of pool, if it was an above ground pool it could have been recycled already into a bike seat for the inspector.

hope. key word being hope.

39, you should try reading the comment before you bash on it.

39. You should listen to your profile picture.

so he can't understand sarcasm on the internet. stone him.