By Goth_Hawk - United States - San Francisco
Today, I found myself wondering if my sister's jaw makes the same clicking sound when she's giving head as it does when she's eating food. FML
Goth_Hawk tells us more :
I'm OP, she does have a jaw issue, and the doctors have said they would have to break her jaw to fix it. I thought about it because it was 3am and the thought of her chewing came to mind as I was reading some of the dirtier submissions on FML. It was so jarring that I had to post it.
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  Crossing  |  17

I was not judging his english. I was explaining to #65 why his english is not perfect since she said,"Can someone translate this". Nice try though!

  brasiliano  |  16

you don't need a threesome to find that out lol.
just the incest bj can answer that question. but that's even more fucked up that the original post. so lets not go there.