By Goth_Hawk - 13/01/2015 08:23 - United States - San Francisco

Today, I found myself wondering if my sister's jaw makes the same clicking sound when she's giving head as it does when she's eating food. FML
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Goth_Hawk tells us more.

Goth_Hawk 28

I'm OP, she does have a jaw issue, and the doctors have said they would have to break her jaw to fix it. I thought about it because it was 3am and the thought of her chewing came to mind as I was reading some of the dirtier submissions on FML. It was so jarring that I had to post it.

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Well if she's chewing on the guy's penis she's doing it wrong...

Karenezzy 20

Why would you even think of that?


Well if she's chewing on the guy's penis she's doing it wrong...

I would really hope she wouldn't be chewing on it for the guys sake.

I would be scared of her if she does so.

Thats an odd think to think about of your sister haha

brasiliano 16

#35 no it isn't. I'm thinking about his sister too.

Or she's doing it right. If you're into that sort of stuff.

Karenezzy 20

Why would you even think of that?

Sometimes the mind wonders. I know I've thought about a lot of fucked up things.

The mind does wander, but stuff like that should probably not be thought about too long.

UhHuhHoney 20


I dunno but I'm kind of curious to know, too....

wow .. its heights of thinking shit. you wont even spare ur sister. FYL OP.

thanks, Captain Obvious.

Ashd09 30

can someone please translate this for me?

Cut him a break, he dosnt live in a english speaking country. Even though its pretty obvious what he said try google :)

#68, you should really not criticise him on his English when your whole comment was far from grammatical perfection.

I was not judging his english. I was explaining to #65 why his english is not perfect since she said,"Can someone translate this". Nice try though!

Gotta love the way the mind works. As long as you didn't decide to make it a topic of dinner conversation.

She must open her mouth pretty wide for that

How big do you think dicks are? Although there's no reason to assume she'd be going down on a guy, I realize.

A lot of women find that idea disgusting.

Not if she has severe tmj. Her jaw would click just when she barely opens her mouth.

Have you given head? Cocks are pretty damn huge! It's quite an effort actually.

AliGInTheHouse 24


Yes. Yes it does.

It's normal to have weird thoughts but thoughts like that are quite odd.

even though this is fucked up. I have TMJ and when I give head my jaw does pop here and there. Bit much I'm sure but..

That's TMI about your TMJ.

Only one way to find out? Threesome!!!?

What?...why the fuck?...

brasiliano 16

you don't need a threesome to find that out lol. just the incest bj can answer that question. but that's even more fucked up that the original post. so lets not go there.

Well his user is Living Like Larry which basically mean YOLO. Theres your answer 21.