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Today, I had to end a first date with the words, "You can get out of my car and go upstairs yourself, or I can come around and drag you out, bring you up the stairs, and knock on your door," because he'd gotten completely plastered in a span of about three hours. And yes, I had to drag him. FML
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Can't believe I got published on my first submit!!! Made an account just to comment back haha. First of all, wow, thanks for all the support :) and no, there will be no second date! Also yes, I am a girl lol, and dragging him out wasn't really that hard.

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He sounds like a complete loser. Who gets plastered on the first date?! You've dodged a bullet though.

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christina3466 17

He sounds like a complete loser. Who gets plastered on the first date?! You've dodged a bullet though.

Like, so drunk you don't want to, or can't move.

#10 I thought you are fluent in English and American Sign Language? English is my second language and I understood 'plastered' out of context.

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Some people get very nervous on a date and tend to drink to calm their nerves. Still, no excuse to show up plastered.

#34, Just because you know what it means doesn't mean everyone else does. Maybe where #10 lives no-one uses that word to describe being drunk.

Thanks man, you asked it for me! Young people keep creating new words and we should keep up pace with them.

It isn't a common usage, particularly in America, I thought. And looking in the dictionary I am pretty sure he would get results about actual wall plastering. Plastered = shitfaced

#64: It's not that uncommon, there's just so many other slang words for drunk that sometimes some of them get a bit dusty.

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plastered on the first date?! as soon as he started slurring you shouldve left the date.

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Dn, you must be a really strong girl! I took a PTA course and I couldn't even drag the dummy :(

He didn't say a single thing was wrong with women being strong.

I'm wondering if you're a girl or guy. If you're a girl that's actually pretty freakin impressive

I guess he could walk with op's help and op didn't have to actally carry him upstairs.

I think that's a legitimate question. It could easily be a guy on a date with another guy. But either way. Dragging him upstairs is impressive.

I would have made him get a cab if he was in that much of a state!

Ya, I'm impressed that Op was willing to see the guy home to make sure everything was ok. I think I would've just made him get a cab.

If that's the case then I feel sorry for all the women you date.

iAmPaul - Ok, but how would that make his comment any less stupid?

his comment wasn't stupid, he was juat showing some irony, wish you guys don't understand (unless you are ironizing the irony)

#52 - The word you're looking for is 'sarcasm'.