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Today, I ran over a squirrel. I saw it twitching, so I backed over it to end its suffering. It wasn't a squirrel; it was a kitten. The children it belonged to watched as I ran over their kitten. Twice. FML
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you did the right thing. even though the kids are ****** up it's better to not let the kitten suffer. RIP KITTY!


The only cat worth having is a dead one. Preferably buried, of course.

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For some reason I thought at first that OP was on a bike. Obviously, this made the situation even more ****** up than it already was. :/

Don't the kids know that their kitty has 7 more lives? Amateurs..

I call bullshit a kitten is not as big as a squirrel

Almost Every time I have seen this FML for the past 5 years I have barfed.

holy shit I lmao'd, I would have just told those kids to tell their parents " don't fych with Santiago" and sped off.

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ahahahahaha that is hilarious!!! oh the gurgling one off my top favorites for sure

HAHAHAHAHA I couldn't help but laugh loudly inocent cat died...hows that funny? its horrible! D:

HAHAHAHAHA I couldn't help but thumb you down, asshole.

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Everyone calm down. 6 it just a total fucktard who is also a sadist.

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**** you!! I have 2 cats, and I would ABSOLUTELY DIE if I had seen them get run over twice! I wonder if you even have a child, and they fall down a balcony, you'll probably laugh you sadist **** tard.

#6 dafuq?! was that insensitive comment to or are u just an asshole?

THAT IS HILARIOUS, one of the best fmls ive ever read

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you did the right thing. even though the kids are ****** up it's better to not let the kitten suffer. RIP KITTY!

no, an animal CAN live through getting run over. OP should've brought it to a vet.

Wait.... The Kids are ****** up for there cat getting run over? Way to be a jackass.

No, the kids are ****** up now because they WATCHED their cat get run over...

Did ur dad start crying as he realised the Condom broke you Dick

listen your a dumbass so shut up and get of the internet

I agree with you don't listen to the haters...your profile pic just adds to it

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Lol, did your mom start crying as your brain slipped out at birth?

Lol, did your family start crying as they disowned you? Wait, no, they were dancing and singing.

lol, did you start crying when all your friends and family ditched you for being a heartless, disgusting, sad excuse for a human?

Oh My God that's Horrible!!! F*** Their Lives not yours...

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This guy is a fucken asshole I don't even know why this person had the nerve to post this. Oh, to make us feel bad? Pffft. No.

Well, I'd say **** everybody's lives in this situation. The kid(s) are traumatized, that guy feels like a massive douche, and now he will probably have to deal with hell from the parents.