By dejected - 28/02/2010 01:32 - United States

Today, feeling down and dejected because of the shitty weather and none of my friends or family wanting to spend time with me to feel loved I took my favorite stuffed animal and that says 'I love you' when you squeeze it. I squeezed it. Nothing happened. Even an inanimate object rejected me. FML
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Josh, sweetie, do you need a hug? :] because you seem awfully irritable 9_9


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CHANGE THE ****** BATTERIES AND STFU. Go out there and get some real friends and a life.

I'll be funny if you would call a suicide hotline and no one would answer HAHAHAHa __ •_• <>

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Josh, sweetie, do you need a hug? :] because you seem awfully irritable 9_9

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@psychomerk if your givin the hugs I'll take them XD your hella pretty. but this fmls stupid toys break batteries die. she needs to get a bf the will take her to build a bear and get her a new one. hell I'll take her if she looks like u psycho hahaha

where is snickerdoodles when u need her?

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GO back to preschool its rejected brain surgeon

And then you went to blow your brains out but your shotgun misfired??? FYL

well given the circumstances the coincidence must have been quite discouraging

#19: There was recently an FML where that actually happened.

You be needing one of those mirror thingymabobbies. :)

OP needs a Lilith Mirror so she can expose everybody else to be ugly, so she can get lotsa' friends.

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@67: Dejected is an actual word. It basically means depressed. Guess who needs to go back to preschool?

why does evr1 get mad when people mispell words? maybe they font feel like typin the whole god d@mn word out? and u obviously still know what theyre sayin, so stfu and stop b*tchin

Today, my stuffed animal's batteries died. FML

maybe everyone would like you more if you stopped being so self pitying as to think a stuffed animal rejected you. YOU are rejecting IT by not giving it more batteries :(

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Are you serious? The bear is simply broken, it is merely a stuffed bear, therefore it cannot have feelings. Having said that, I am sorry that your bear is broken.

are you a squirter like cythera the **** star ?if not why dont you just hump a pillow until you reach the big o ?

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98, that's so creepy, confusing, and random o.o

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...and the bad news is, no one here cares either.

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Dude shut up. It's obvious he's having a bad day. Im backing him 100%, because I'm going through something similar right now. At least he has friends.

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*squeezes OP*.... wow. you really ARE unlovable :'(

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I "recommend" a dictionary :) and a bullet in your mouth.

Why would he put a bullet in his mouth? I would understand if you wanted him to shoot himself but just putting a bullet in his mouth will solve nothing =P

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yeah cause you would totally shoot yourself if you spelt a word wrong? note the sarcasm..

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she wants to shoot him because he RECOMMENDED SUICIDE

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aww its ok i love you :) *hugs OP* .....wait....ew....whats that sorry you are too smelly to be lovable.....go shower

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well maybe if you changed the batteries once in a while, it'd feel loved an would return your feelings.

Haha! Loser! Just kidding.... That sucks. At least it didn't grow in to a 50ft Teddy Monster and ate you. Teddy's have INCREDIABLY bad indigestion so you could have been in there for a very very very long time!

I know that story,sucks but it happens, keep that chin up :)