By Anonymous - 8/6/2021 10:59

Romance is dead

  Today, my husband seems to think sex once a month is adequate, and that it’s acceptable to nap on the sofa once he gets home from work, wake up for dinner, then go straight to bed. I also can’t speak to him while he’s eating, because he’s watching tv. I thought I had a husband, not a roommate. FML
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By  Yudith  |  20

If your husband is always tired, it might be some health issue. Talk to him until he agrees to see a doctor. If he forgets his appointment, talk to him again.

By  Warp1978  |  14

These are classic signs of depression, I know because this was me last year cold, distant, non communicative. Ask him to talk to you about whats wrong and listen to what he has to say. I cannot recommend therapy enough either. Good luck to you

By  andrewgr  |  2

First, I'll echo what everyone else has said about depression. I used to think that depression always looked like someone being really sad and mopey, but that's not at all true. It presents in many ways, including (in my case) being cranky and irritable. Excessive sleeping and lack of energy are very big clues, so seriously, do what you can to get him to talk to a specialist.

Second, I recommend reddit's /r/deadbedrooms. They would be a good source of support while waiting for your husband to get his depression under control (if that is indeed the problem). Otherwise, they're a source of a *ton* of experience with marriages that have basically non-existent sex, and they can offer perspective, advice, stories, etc.