By mistickfae - 29/10/2012 18:42 - United States

Today, I was complimented for having amazingly lifelike warts as part of my witch costume, and was asked how I achieved the effect so well. I didn't have the heart to admit they were just my pimples under green makeup. FML
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I really thought this FML, was going to end with "they were just real warts".


At least they go well with your costume! Dont worry. It might fade with time.

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Pimples do go away but some leave scars and trust me those are worse than pimples as they can last years.

At least every comments here begin with 'at least'.

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32 you're right haha. I never noticed that.

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I like how you said "might" haha

Birth control pills aren't solely used for the prevention of pregnancy. It also helps women achieve a clear complexion. Read up on it.

Exactly why perdix commented; Birth control

He means the pimples themselves act as birth control

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You combo broke the first four comments from all starting with "at least."

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At least they aren't burning you at the stake, a witches life is a hard one.

"How do you know she's a witch?" "She turned me into a newt!" *looks at the man* "I got better!"

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Look on the bright side, every one gets breakouts , you got yours on a day that made you look cooler.

just a little bit of oil, dirt and grease is all...

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At least they don't know it is acne!

Im back bitches. Also ydi for not using stridex or other acne control products

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They don't always work and most acne products take time to clear the acne.

They didn't work for me. They just keep it from breaking out as much.

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^ Says the noob with just 4 comments.