By My rapey cat (doesn't even have balls) - 21/04/2018 01:30

Today, my 20-year-old sister is taking care of my cat while I am out of state. She sent a photo of him "playing in a silly way" with her kitty. I then had to very seriously explain to her that in the photo, my cat and her cat were trying to make more cats. FML
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Aww !! Your sister must be an innocent, pure woman. Or. Just. Plain. Ignorant.


Aww !! Your sister must be an innocent, pure woman. Or. Just. Plain. Ignorant.

julfunky 29

So they’re getting along? That’s nice.

"'playing in a silly way' with her kitty?" WTF?!?! Oh, wait, you mean her literal domesticated feline animal! Never mind...

I did use single quotes inside double quotes, so, yeah, I’m pretty “smart!”

EarthsMightiestHeroes 20

if you look at the username, OP says her cat is neutered. And fixing animals doesn't stop them from trying to reproduce, my dog has been neutered all his life (he's 10) and still tries to mate with my other dog all the damn time.

Fixing them may take away some of the parts and prevent certain chemicals from being released, but it sure as hell doesn’t get rid of natural instinct. When my then unfixed female went into heat the first time, my neutered male would not get off her.

Emma Marshall 19

Who says they aren't? And it literally says her cat has no balls.

CrazyTrainWreck 19

Pussy on pussy action... I know a few people who would pay to see that.

Lobby_Bee 17

"how many cats is too many cats? there's no such number"

I remember once when a friend of my mom's came over... 'Is your cat a calico?' 'Yeah?' 'Well, she's getting ****** in your front yard.' We got her fixed as soon after birth that it was safe to do so...

"You see, sister dear, when a boy cat and girl cat love each other very much..."