By Anonymous - 16/06/2010 23:16 - United States

Today, after weeks of looking forward to my birthday trip to the beach, I've come down with a serious case of the flu. My family is still going without me, but at least now they don't have to pay someone to watch the dog. Happy birthday to me. FML
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Salaminizer 0

When they're gone, sneeze on everything they own, sleep in their beds, etc. So when they get back, YOU can go to the beach and THEY can be sick.

terror_twins 0

Your family is ******* horrible. Get a new one. hahaha.


ltrtbt666 0

haha you suck

MrLefty 8

I'm sorry OP. FYL for sure. sucks that everyone else decided to go without you.

fyl. find a new family(:

fyl if the only time you get to go down to the beach is on your birthday!!

ruby84 1

op if no one had said yet, then I'm telling you. SUCK IT UP PRINCESS!

arc794 0

Your family wouldn't even stay home with you on your birthday? I agree with 1, you must really suck.

banders234 0

ydi for not getting a flu shot

fyl, but if your parents had already planned the trip why do you expect them to cancel it just for you?

Dizzygrl08 4

Wow, your family are assholes. Sorry OP, you can always have the dog piss on their bed or have sex in it!!! lol

awww. :( happy birthday, though..... (:

zach055 23


#38 - I still got the flu after a flu shot, it was mild but it still happened

u shulda charged them lol but fyl op

eehizle 0


Why hello, 6. Lol :P

Happy Birthday.!! ;DD

OP, just throw a house party with all your friends!!... and your dog!!

sweetdreams999 0

that sucks OP :(

porkchopsammich 0

Watching a dog seems more appealing than goin to the beach in my opinion.

heyygirll 0

suuucckkksss forrrr youuu lozerrr ps all of you that previously commented are ugly I'm the only hot one ha ha. ha. ha hahahah

porkchopsammich 0

Nies grammer skiilz

spzb 3

put up a pick then heyygirl. otherwise........

ruby84 1

prove it. show us how you look like, ugly!

chocolatejuggalo 0

I hate when people type like that. and I bet your totally smokin, "heygirll"...

PeaceLoveAmelia6 0

Yuck. ...My parents nearly did this to me when I was sick two weeks ago...

ruby84 1

oohh no they didn't!!! are you serious? woow i'm speechless! how could they!! how mean of them!! ah!! I can't beleive all the torture and the pain you went through. poor you!

PeaceLoveAmelia6 0

Actually, I was. It was a "severe" (according to the doctor) combination of two ear infections, and a bad virus. By the way, what's with the sarcasm?

She's probably having a bad day... it's her bday and NO one has said happy bday yet !!

PeaceLoveAmelia6 0

I was talking to 21. I should've specified that.

LoVesg12 0

that sucks...sorry OP. Try and enjoy your birthday as much as you can though!

TwoFlushTurd 0

Kill the dog, teach them a lesson