By Anonymous - United Kingdom

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions

Today, my best female friend got dumped. Seeing how I was alone when I got dumped, I didn't want her to feel the same, so I was nice to her and tried to help her as much as I could. I've now been getting constant messages from our mutual friends, telling me to stop hitting on her. FML
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By  notafoot  |  8

Do you think she might have said something to them about it? If so, I'd say it's worth bringing it up with your friend and telling her where you're coming from in case she's misunderstanding. God knows when you're going through a break up your mind isn't necessarily working at full speed, and I'm sure if she's mistaking your kindness for opportunism she'll appreciate knowing she's wrong and that she can lean on you without fearing her vulnerability could be used against her. And if it's still an issue, then take solace in knowing you tried, that you were thoughtful and did your best to be a good friend.

  sophiehelen  |  32

She was probably unsure of his intention and the friends jumped to conclusions. After being dumped I'd have thought that was more likely as her emotions would be all over the place. that's how I felt when I came out of a relationship anyway