By Merlin - 17/04/2012 17:37 - United States - Fairfield

Today, I got a one-inch fish bone stuck in my throat. I went to the doctor, who claimed he couldn't see the long white thing embedded next to my tonsil. He charged me $70, and told me to eat some bread. I had to pull it out myself with a pair of tweezers. FML
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Good on you for taking matters in your hands and succeeding!

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Huh? That's like missing a unicorn in a room full of potatoes!


Good on you for taking matters in your hands and succeeding!

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Do you chew your food? You'd think you would notice an inch long bone.

I can only think of three reasons for the doctor to send OP home with the only instructions being "eat some bread" 1) the doctor was really lazy and/or tired 2) the doctor actually couldn't see the bone because his or her eyesight was failing and he or she didn't have their glasses 3) the doctor thought that pulling out the bone could possibly be hazardous and decided to use a more passive way of dislodging the bone.

How would eating bread dislodge a bone imbedded into one's tonsil?

Swallowing the bread might push the bone down with it, I suppose. Sounds like that might have made things worse though.

47- I'm pretty sure there's a code/oath thing that doctors take in regards to 1. I'd imagine if a doctor needed glasses he would wear them to avoid a malpractice lawsuit in regards to both 1 and 2. And in regards to 3, if he had thought of a more passive way to dislodge the bone, he almost certainly would have told OP rather than say he couldn't see the bone.

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Your profile pic gives me bonerz #1

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I think this guy should sue the living shit out of his doctor I went to my doctor and did some test and he did not even look at the results because that same day he said I was fine The. I went to a specialist for stomach pain and now I'm taken 4 kind of medication because " I did not have anything" now I'm suing

Thats what you get for visiting Doc Bastard.

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Where's DocBastard when we need him?

Common thing is to squash up some bread into a little ball and swallow it whole to dislodge anything stuck in your throat. This happened to me once, though. The bread did not work. I turned to the tweezers too :( It really is a BITCH of a thing to accomplish, getting it out of there. What with regular tweezers being shorter than you need as well as all the saliva that just has a party when you have to keep your mouth open for that long. Hahahaha

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Ouch! But it probebly felt felt good to get it out

I read the first sentence and thought that it was my girlfriend posting this about the furst time she blew me.

60- I read your name and could already tell you were a douchebag...your comment only confirmed it.

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87 - If that wasn't enough then read his profile.

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I think 60 is sorta making fun of himself with the whole one inch thing, but I could be wrong.

68-I was kidding could you REALLY not tell. Also I'm not at all a douche I'm just not a butt hurt with no sense of humor like you guys.

68-You get a thimbs up because I love rise against and 113 I can't believe you're the only one that got that. Also 87 Whats the deal I guess you dont like gentelmen's rant.

My aunt went through this. She had a painful soar throat for about two weeks. Felt like it was still there, scraping the walls of her throat as it went down horizontally.

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Dang that sucks! I hope you didn't suffer any damage.

I'd bring the fish bone back to the doctor and show him. I wonder how dumb he'd feel then.

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Doctor should rarely make mistakes there mistake could kill someone

BradTheBrony 19

Huh? That's like missing a unicorn in a room full of potatoes!

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Good thing it didn't cause any severe damage. Fish bones are extremely sharp, and could have pierced through the skin.

Well that was a waste of $70! But I've heard eating bread can solve issues like that.

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Good DRs we need, the bad ones we could do without!

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We all need the doctor. He has a TARDIS

Only Doctor we need is DocBastard. No arguments.