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By dillon - 01/07/2014 04:12 - United States - Fayetteville

Today, I watched a YouTube video about artists who ripped off other artist's songs. All of the bands that were accused of stealing were all bands that I really enjoy. FML
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Now you can double the number of bands you like.

I guess creativity isn't their strong suit?


I guess creativity isn't their strong suit?

Respect101 17

One Direction ripped off Def Leppard and you also have to give credit to the artist that have permission to redo a song like Eminem redid Toy soldiers. which was sang in the 80s by Martika about drug addiction.

Probably some shitty emo band that rips off riffs from metal bands.

incoherentrmblr 21

I assume one of these bands is Nickleback and/or Creed...

Not sure if you would call "Big Time Rush" a band.. They ripped off Blur's "song 2"

don't you ever disrespect creed or Nickelback

Respect101 17

I thought Song 2 was sang by Red Hot Chili Peppers?

ChristianH39 30

Unless there's a second song called song 2, it's by blur.

World_Burner 13

#62, you are my new best friend! Hating Nickelback is just some stupid fad.. Their songs are similar because it's what their fans like and what they like to play. Some people I swear..... *tsk tsk*

I don't like Nickelback because of the lead singer. Caught for drunk driving, and his attitude.

#38 never once have I seen an emo band rip off someone else! Screw off you ignorant judgmental A-hole

Now you can double the number of bands you like.

I don't care who made the song as long as I like it.

If only there were a button you could press to voice that sentiment...

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3 fmls so far where you've been down voted cake. Get your stuff together.

I'm sorry. I'll do better I promise.

Round two votes are in, and it's cake coming out in the lead against president north; looks like he won't be having a second term after all folks.

Well, if those bands ripped off other bands, most likely you'll like their music too.

You should check out the bands they copied from. Your bands couldn't of copied every single song so now you will have a lot more songs to listen too

Well, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...

Lil_Red777 21

It's often the most annoying too.

You hear that 52? It's the sound of the joke going over your head.

World_Burner 13

Okay.. if I have to admit that joke was flying north for me. Thanks #57. +1 #48.

ScottVining 21

Doesn't mean they ripped off every song from other bands

It doesn't really matter who made the song as long as you enjoy listening.

What? Like Flo rida, eminen, pit bull, Acon etc... The list is never ending. If you like an artist-- then like them. Don't stop because OTHERS tell you, you shouldn't.

Are you referring to Eminem ripping off of Cage early in his career?

Eminem? I understand everyone else, but what of eminem is ripped off?

Off the top of my head, (I'm sure there's more) in the song "You're Never Over" he took the song "Cry Little Sister" which I recognized from the "Lost Boys" soundtrack and "sampled" it. Personally I don't care and love both songs. Just saying it's done more than you know by many artists.

Respect101 17

We also have to take into to account that the singer does not always write the song.. they have song writers.

He said bands. He's talking about real music

sampling songs is different than ripping them off. doing a cover is a tribute, doing a bad cover is an atrocity and charging money to people for doing a bad cover is an act of war. rap music mainly uses electronic synthesizers and music samples to make beats because it's supposed to showcase the poetry, not the music. EDM mostly takes original work and tries to give it new life in a new genre. Flo Rida takes EDM and tries to put poetry over it like rap so you get a weird fusion there. sometimes good and sometimes not.

Look on the bright side. Now you have a load of new, 'original' artists for you to look up that you will probably enjoy if you enjoyed the bands that supposedly copied them