By fittingroompotty - United States
Today, the fitting room of the store I worked in smelled really bad. The customers started to complain and since I was on fitting room duty I went to go investigate. A middle aged woman pooped on the floor and then put the chair on top to cover it. FML
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yeah that sucks. my roommate told me a story of about the retail store she works at, some lady came in, asked if they had a bathroom, she told her they didn't have a public bathroom but the office max RIGHT NEXT DOOR had one. the lady said she didn't need it right away then preceded to ask for a fitting room. once in the fitting room she took a ziploc bag from her purse, peed in it, occasionally missed so there was piss all over the floor and all over her hands i'm sure, then zipped up the bag and hid it underneath a chair. i bet she went and touched all their clothes with her nasty pee hands. when the manager confronted her the lady denied it was hers. damn old people.


OK think about. honestly what happened:
a girl shitted
customers complained
u found the shit
u may or may not have had to clean it up
they could have had people that clean stuff up

honestly if u r a person who gets the complaints u probably wouldn't clean up shit just sayin. and if u knew who did it they probably confessed and then cleaned it up. either that or this is fake no way u would've they wouldn't put video cameras in the CHANGING ROOMS that's crazy and from outside the changing rooms u couldn't tell if they shitted or not so I say.