By zzarzzur - 29/12/2015 09:49 - United States - San Francisco

Today, I installed motion sensor lights in my house to save on energy. When I laid down in bed, I saw the lights turn on from downstairs to the kitchen. I live alone. FML
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Demand some rent/utility money. Ain't no ghost living off you for free, especially if they're going to run up the electric bill.

Apparently you don't...


Apparently you don't...

it's the ghost of Christmas past

One might even say it's 'past' due ;)

risher01 16

Looks like it's time to get security cameras......

I hope they pass on the paranormal activity......

Have you ever watched any paranormal movie ever? Getting cameras is the last thing you want to do in a situation such as this xD It'll only make it angry

Demand some rent/utility money. Ain't no ghost living off you for free, especially if they're going to run up the electric bill.

Ahhhh haa haa!! That's too funny!! :)

So much win. Such joke.

Ain't nobody got time for that!

And since it stopped in the kitchen, OP should probably make it pitch in for groceries too. Food ain't cheap.

I had to dislike coz it had 667 likes :(

Who you gonna call!?

Dan Akroyd

ninjamadi 16

the Winchesters!!!!

WINCHESTERS! Or Bobby so he can kick the ghosts ass.

The local authorities

#38 I like how you're user name is dean winchester but you still said Ghostbusters


I think he meant to say ghostfacers. surely a Winchester wouldn't venture outside of their zone to call ghostbusters

Ronnie Pickering.


but uhm. Bobby. he's uhm. dead..

AlphaWolf0722 18


It must be because of bugs. I used to see that in my aunt's house all the time - when the lights were on a swarm of bugs could be seen.

Reckon I'd rather have the ghost...

juturnaamo 29

If a light is on in an otherwise dark place, bugs will come to it either way.

24 your comment made me laugh out loud. thanks for that.

hippodankamus 22

You might want to get some cameras installed too. Or a security system.

gobiteme2 34

I think you need to call the Ghost Busters or an exterminator

Dont worry OP, we had motion sensor lights in our hall but eventually my dad removed them because they kept on turning on and off at random times

They might have, but OP says that they turned on in order from downstairs to their kitchen. Even if it is a coincidence it's still creepy.

I think they meant from the kitchen that was downstairs

My parents had an alarm system for their house that had motion sensors for when no one was home. Nothing more embarrassing than having the cops show up because the alarm went off due to a spider walking across the sensor. I wouldn't worry about it too much. It could have been dust or a small bug.

Could be faulty lights, an animal or anything OP. Call the police if you do see another person though!