Thanks, I hate it

By n77 - 23/04/2011 02:17 - Switzerland

Today, at work, a customer went to try on a pair of pants. A few minutes later, she hurriedly returned and put the pants back on the shelf without saying anything. I later found out she'd come down with a bout of diarrhea and apparently didn't want to pay for the dry-cleaning. Glamorous. FML
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shitty situation? but seriously that's really nasty and unfortunate

I hate when that happens!


shitty situation? but seriously that's really nasty and unfortunate

People would do anything not to pay

lol. That's pretty poopy.

Classy woman. >.<

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ahaha i get it shitty situation :b

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i love it

Well why would anyone want to buy a pair of shit-filled pants?

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this woman probably thinks shes hot shit but she really just left one in a pair of pants she doesnt own.

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14 - I'm going to Alta this winter ftw

marijuanasmoker4 3

I wonder if those jeans will end up in the irregular bin...

like I've broken a button on a pair of pants to big and I still confessed up and bought them.

I always do that!! it's the new trend now..jeez people, u gotta be more up to date on these stuff.

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I'm lil wayne

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77, I don't think anyone gives a shit.

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kiinda what i was thinkin;)

shit happens...

rallets 22

i c wut u did thar 129 -_-

116 Shut the **** up. lil wayne sucks Ass. All he sings about is "eating pussy" and money. Try listening to some real rap.

I hate when that happens!

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did it happen to youu?

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Where did she think she was at? Payless?

lol at the pic 32. I APPROVE

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32 wheres the ryhme in your comment?


103 that's what I was thinkin..

What are pants over there? Underwear or trousers/jeans etc. cause if they're underwear, pretty sure you can't try on underwear and return them just incase you have a STI. (I'm from UK, Birmingham)

trousers/jeans is what we mean

maybe she was lactose unfavorable

superrnovaa 7

103-Win :D

103- I don't get it???

how often does that happen to you?!?! 0_o

just a question, why is this under the love category...?

why are you ugly?

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why are you a jerk

Whoops, fixed. Fixed like the above comment.

Eggers 2

13- will you go out with me?

That's a damper on his day.

I do hope you were kidding 36.

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cuz love is shitty haha

Cause there isn't a Shit category.

Because there isn't a Shit Category??

36- this isn't a dating site..

At 68: By now I think there should be a "shit" category on FML! Lmfao. I mean, there are quite a few FMLs about messy bodily fluids/functions...

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maybe she loved those pants

That's terrible! And funny. Haha I can't imagine how embarrassing that'd be.

haha talk about leaving shit stains and streaks

she thought it was going to be a fart but she sharted

sHxt not again. lmao jk ew Fyl Op. but hey it coulda Been worse...

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how could it be worse?

the person could have shitted two pair of jeans . XD

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use your imagination.

ok well in normal stores it's banned to try on underwear. I mean like really think about it.k? great bye.

ok. ur point is? ur really cool. like really, like I'm jealous of you right now u insignifcant moron . idgaf cuz u would know.

americentric? really now? ur sooo cool. alright I c u doing big things. :) LMAO moron

@xxxlauraxxx: Are you high? Please try not picking random fights with our users in the comments section; it makes you look insecure and lowers everybody's IQ score.

I'm movin to Switzerland now. I hate not finding the perfect pair of underwear by not trying them on!

I'm obviously not high if I'm here. neither am I any of those things r u fukin kiddin me? r u not readin da bullshit she / he w.e started like rlly.? bye. -.-

kayak, last I checked you aren't legally allowed to "try on" underwear, due to hygienic reasons. I don't want to buy underwear worn by ten different people lol

you suck man....

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Damnn what a pooper

were the pants brown at least? lmao

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you got those underwear at Walmart!!

Monikabug 9

OH NO! CHEAP UNDIES! If only he had saved up a few extra dollars and then went to Target. :(

I did get them at Target

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lmfao. sucks to work where you do