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By Anonymous - 28/08/2011 21:41 - United States

Today, while bitching some girl out for spilling coffee all over me, she looked at me with accepting eyes and after I'd finished said, "I can understand your anger, big girls like you get grumpy when they're hungry." FML
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Your fault......People make mistakes.

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You kinda deserved it. Nobody ask for accident to happen, you didn't have to bitch her out for it cuz I bet she would e truly sorry about it. She made a pretty awesome comeback!


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Still. OP could've been nice about it...

krazy_glu3 0

I'm sure it's not fun getting coffee spilled all over you, but to bitch someone out... Geez. I had two cokes spill all over me, and never yelled. Just laughed and tried to dry myself off. Learn to control your anger

I would have laughed, I wouldn't lie and say I'd be a little mad. But I wouldn't yell.

I thought she was going to say big girls dont cry

n_epic_fail 14

17- instead they go to toco bell.

It's a mistake. You can't get mad at every mistake we make. Might just be me, but yeah. I'd laugh a little from it and go on with my day.

enonymous 8

This is the only thing that came to mind reading this Kenny: [to horse] Hey, girl! You hungry? Overweight Woman: [walking by and overhears] **** you, nigga! Kenny: I'm sorry! I was talking to the horse. Kenny: [feeding the horse] you like popcorn don't you? they make your mouth go pop pop pop [Horse dies from eating all the candy] Horse Cop: what did you give her?!? Kenny: [list of candy] Horse cop:Ahhh! This horse is a diabetic!!

Instead of bitching at her, you should have fell to the ground letting out a high pitch scream while squirming around for a couple of minutes.

aFatFuck 0

If it was hot coffee then I don't think she was wrong to yell at her, I had a friend who had coffee spilled on him. It gave him horrific burns, he was hospitalized and stayed there for awhile. Still has scars all down his shoulder to this day. If your coffee is hot enough to do that you should be a lot more careful as to not hurt some one. But if it wasn't hot or anything than yelling was not deserved.

EnEl_Infierno 15

And that's when you should proceeded to eat her Op. jk, she was just jealous of you because girls with curves are sexy, and don't let anyone tell you other wise.

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Kylias 6
stacianichole 2

WRONG. People do NOT "have a right" to bitch out anyone, ever, for any reason. The girl that spilled the coffee did so accidentally. Do you need me to explain what an accident is? To think you have a RIGHT to bitch someone out for an accident means you probably have some entitlement issues like most people...grow up.

Well obviously OP wasn't actually hurt so it wasn't extremely hot coffee, or the situation would have gone a lot differently. So looking at the situation we've been told (not mentioning hospitalisation or the waitress spazzing to call 911) I think that OP didnt have to be so rude, it's just a spilt liquid. Go home and change your clothes if you don't carry any in your car.

bridawg 0

I would of liked to know what happened after the lady said that to op.

Mysanitywins - I'd be mad. I don't think anyone in their right mind would be perfectly okay with getting hot coffee spilled all over them. Sorry, but it's the other girl's fault for spilling the coffee on OP. It's not OP's fault as many others are trying to say, and she had every right to be mad. 98 - What if they didn't have time to pop home and they were on their way to somewhere important? Not everyone can find the time to drop everything because of someone else's stupidity.

To say that it's the other girls fault is an assumption. OP does not say what happened. For all we know OP could have walked into the other girl. As for saying the other girl wasn't sorry that's an assumption too. OP bitched her out therefore we do not know whether the girl had time to say sorry.

#35, What's a hole body? A body full of holes? OH! You mean "whole" body. What a difference that silent w makes.

107, did you not notice I mentioned it OBVIOUSLY didn't hurt or she'd be on the floor or waiting for 911 instead of the waitress listening calmly?

Cause Bitches like you get no respect, OP.

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91- "I'm sorry, I accidentally tripped and threw this knife into your shoulder. But you should remain perfectly polite and not be angry at me while in throes of pain." When you are in pain, bitching somebody out isn't exactly courteous, but no offense needs to be taken from it; it's a natural reaction. And coffee...who knows where she was going or what she was doing? I'm not going to judge op, but I disagree with your comment.

From what I read the last thing OP needs is a Snickers bar.

107, in what world is getting coffee spilled on you equivalent to getting shot...?

You're right in thinking that a reactionary comment like "Ow, what the hell were you thinking?!" might come out as a natural pain response. But to me, "bitching someone out" is much more than that. You might not choose to snap angrily at someone, but you DO choose to extend that and bitch at someone. It sounds to me like the OP chose the latter, and for that I think she deserves whatever rude remarks come from it.

168, Saying "****, man" and bitching out, as the OP puts it seem very different to me. In my mind the first thing you do when you're accidentally stabbed (which actually did happen to me...funny story) is to see to your wound, not through a hissy fit and bitch the person out. You can say something in anger, or even frustration, but if you unfairly or excessively target the person don't expect any remorse. In short, if the OP can't handle, she shouldn't dish it out.

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Hahh maybe I'm a stalker for reading your profile but.. (I'm sorry I couldn't help it I saw mlp!!) xD you sound awesome and you are just likee mee :3 hah but I'm a girl sorehh I just had to say tis ;D

If it was hot coffee it's ok, i have burn scars from hot coffee

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Your fault......People make mistakes.

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im guessing in this modern society you people dont have the spine to say anything, and quietly slink away to avoid the confrontation. if someone wasnt extremely apologetic and offered to pay for the cost of cleaning my clothes id bitch them out too. accidents happen, that doesnt negate responsibility on the behalf of the person who caused the accident. oh wait, maybe i should just go run someone down in my car, then rather than offer my insurance details and call an ambulance ill say "accidents happen" and go on with my life.

ReynshineCutting 10

70 that is EXACTLY what I was thinking.

I'm gonna have to side with 70. You guys don't know what the other girl said, for all we know she spilled coffee on her then said "watch where you're going, bitch", which would definitely deserve a good yelling at.

And for all we know the girl could have intended to say sorry or was in the process of saying sorry and got bitched out instead. On these facts alone it sounds to me like OP was the bitch.

a_nutritionist 10

@106 meh, coffee burns. entire lawsuits have been filed over injuries from coffee burns in the past, but since youre caught up on the scale, how about if i were to just go around rear ending other cars and driving off, does that appease your opinion of severity? minor injuries possibly sustained, cost of damages, equilibrium ensues. the rest of you are assuming things that arent mentioned to validate your points.

But you guys are also assuming that the story of OP's is the full, true story. There are so many details required to fully take a side in this. For all you know, OP could have walked into the girl and caused the accident, or the girl may have been about to apologize but got bitched out instead. Saying something out of anger when it happens, like "Wtf is your problem?!" is one thing, but carrying on is another. Accidents happen and there's nothing anyone can do about it. And let's not use an extreme example like running someone over with a car just to make a point because that's not the same thing at all. Being paralyzed or something along those lines from a car accident is far worse that having coffee spilt on you (whether it was hot was not specified) and we all know it. You don't know all the factors involved and therefore you can't make judgement. The ignorance on this site is astounding.

Because getting ran over by a car is exactly like getting coffee spilled in you.

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BellaBelle_fml 23

Yea I'd be a little annoyed if someone accidentally spilt hot liquids on me. But that's what it is, an accident. No need to be bitchy about it. OP got what she deserved for being such a rude drama queen.

All she needs is a shamwow. Then everything would be ok :-)

I love that people talk about coffee like it is crack and no one bats an eye.

qyka 5

14 - possible his coffee doesn't really say

qyka 5

14 - possible his coffee doesn't really say

arixxskye 4

shamwow this works like shit :)

baby610 4

Retard. The girl spilled coffee on op. It wasn't op that dropped her coffee cause of the girl.

But OP didn't need to bitch that girl out over an accident.

missL1z 5

You kinda deserved it. Nobody ask for accident to happen, you didn't have to bitch her out for it cuz I bet she would e truly sorry about it. She made a pretty awesome comeback!

klovemachine 24

Calling someone fat isn't nice. I hope she suffers for the rest of her life. OP is the victim here

ilikepieandpie 11

YDI for being a bitch about it. If you are an asshole to someone, you can only expect to get it in return. And a diet probably wouldn't hurt. At least then you'd be able to tell yourself that she was just jealous

And you think she's an asshole? There was no need to rudely infer that she should go on a diet. Clean the shit off your mouth before telling others to.

ilikepieandpie 11

Well, if op wasn't fat and going to coffee and doughnut shops all the time, this situation wouldn't have happened.

iAmScrubs 19

Big girls also don't cry, so that's one positive for you.

a_nutritionist 10

that makes no ******* sense. by the way, if karmas a bitch, by your very definition of it you should be getting into an accident with a cup full of hot coffee right now. get on that.

MCVelvet1497 3

Make sure that bitch is beautiful.

Buttsexpirate 9

Maybe you should just apologize and show her that your the bigger person (pun not intended)