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Today, I had lunch with my parents. I'm an Asian guy who married a Puerto Rican woman and we just had a boy. My dad looks at my son, then looks at me and says, "You ruined the bloodline." FML
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I'm the guy that submitted this FML. I didn't think this topic would gain so much traction but I don't feel so alone and I do appreciate reading your comments good or bad. Yes, my parents are "racist assholes". Both of them immigrated into the U.S. in their teens. Currently in their 60's/70s respectively, I cannot fathom why they continue to harbor such hate but here is the kicker. I'm not pure Chinese. I'm part Chinese and Japanese. The Japanese is from my mother's side. My father rants about how much he hates the Japanese. Further, my grandfather was a medic for the Army in WW2 so that adds more fuel to the fire. So how in the hell did he get around to marrying my mother? Of course my father has no answer for that. The racism is only scratching the surface. It's the Asian tiger parents sort of mentality of romanticizing and demanding perfection from their offspring. Check out Amy Chua's book if you don't believe me. All I can do is press on in life and not repeat the same mistakes my parents made because I don't want my own son labeling me "asshole".

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"Dad, if bloodline was so important to you, you shouldn't have left Asia to come in the country of the melting pot"

The joke's on him because Puerto Rican women are awesome.


no i think it was OP's dad who ruined the bloodline when he was born with such a narrow mindset

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I didn't ever think asian could be racist, It sounds so weird

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That was a joke ! Who could really think such a thing! Don't Tell me such a person still exist In 2015! (Actually.. There are still too Many people like That ! That is sad)

Well that was definitely uncalled for... But congratulations OP! Don't let it get to you, Wishing you all the best :)

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I'm an Asian guy who married a European woman and my mom is just as racist as your parents are... But your kids will be much better looking, the jokes on them, keep your head up.

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well, how are you sure they will be much better looking?

have you SEEN how beautiful half asian half white kids always are?

Living in a place with lots of eurasians... the saying that eurasians are always good-looking is definitely not true

That's true if anyone, but half Asian do very often look very attractive. I remember this blackasian girl in high school was gorgeous, and many others I've seen since.

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What I'm seeing from this comment is that full Asian people are uglier than Asian mixed with white...... I hate eurocentric beauty standards. This is so sad and self hating.

@67 if you're going to look at it like that, then they are also saying that full Europeans are uglier than Eurasians.

"Dad, if bloodline was so important to you, you shouldn't have left Asia to come in the country of the melting pot"

This. Kid's part Asian anyway, who ******* cares about what else he is.

Well, it's interesting because Asians don't even like other Asians (traditional Asians). I'm a "mixed Asian" so to speak, and my family didn't even like each other for not being the "same type of Asian." I can only imagine it being of a complete different race. So sorry, OP. I feel for you. But I've learned to just not care what others think, INCLUDING my family.

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That doesn't mean he can't date a Asian girl. God dang people are stupid just because they live in America doesn't mean their blood line is ruined.

How can he look at his innocent grandson and say something so ugly? I wouldn't want my child around such prejudice.

Congratulations on your new baby boy! Rock parent hood with your wife :)

"ILLEGITIMIS NON CARBORUNDUM ES" "Don't let the bastards get you down"