By Andrew - 28/08/2011 22:37 - Ireland

Today, I started my shift as a cop, patrolling the streets on a bicycle. Everywhere I went, gangs of youths yelled stuff out at me, like "Bike twat", "Pig on wheels", "That's a girl's bike you muppet" and "Go on wanker, do a wheelie." FML
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Kyuubi1589 1

Do the wheelie. Show em' who's boss!

iAmScrubs 19

Bad boys bad boys, whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when my bike chain break loose?


Kyuubi1589 1

Do the wheelie. Show em' who's boss!

yoursucklives 36
tehaustiebear 34

Get one of those manly bike bells to scare them off.

Kids who do not respect pigs ought to be shot.

enonymous 8

I hope this bike has baseball card in the spokes and tassels while he makes vroom vroom noises...

n_epic_fail 14

if a bunch of kids managed to make OP miserable imagine what a bunch of gang bangers could do O.o

Shoot their knee caps out then tbag them! that will show em who the bike boss is

You did beat them with your nightstick afterwards, though, right?

EnEl_Infierno 15

fyl op. I'd like to see a punk kid try and say that to cop, even a bicycle cop, here in texas. -Kid: Bike Tawt -Cop: *No words just kid laying on the ground with tread marks on his forehead.*

cyns0_oaSailor 0

20- yes arrest them and make them sit on the handlebars.

Why didn't you include the stuff I said?!

FurryRocks 10
Pabs24 0

no if the cop arrested them. the cop would call for another cop to come and pick the person who was arrested up.

Jvr91 8

Shot them and lie about how they pulled a gun on you first like you guys love to do. New riot!

Lol bikes are for ******* anyway shoulda gone beat with your whistle haha.

prince122 0

YTD for paTROLLING you real life troll.

prince122 0

it's your fault for being a pa-TROLL.

I ride ma bike with no handlebars, no handlebars.. Cuz I'm busy beating the shit of em kids ******' with me.

Stonedmanalex 0

No good person wants to become a cop, and if they do its almost impossible

leadman1989 15

Yup, people love their police state in Texas. Rick Perry REALLY?

Chaos187 6
Jammy01jams 2

Well since they're gang members they're highly unlikely to report you, nor would anyone believe them. Just wave your gun around a bit. Maybe take a few shots by "accident" and "miss" the people laughing.

really #16, you call them pigs and then say they're to be respected? backwards logic

pianogirl12345 8

There could have been a lot worse things said..

chronicBuD420 0

Seriously lol these must have been some dorky teenagers, muppet? What happened to all the vulgarity I grew up with? I blame Bieber fever

It's an Irish thing... And I actually lol'd at 'go on wanker, do a wheelie' xD These youths are highly unlikely to have any interest in Beiber. They tend (I'm generalising) to listen to techno and the angrier end of rnb, it's just how it is!

3 overseas those are pretty bad sayings...

He lives in ireland, thats theyre type Of swearing :p

Well I'm 13 and I LOVE Justin Bieber .........but I'm a girl

iAmScrubs 19

Bad boys bad boys, whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when my bike chain break loose?

Marques23 5

that's some funny shit! lmao

its not like he couldve arrested them or anything either, because his basket wouldnt be big enough

Amd then i pulled out my .500 s&w and asked them "who wants to see me fire this thing rather closely to you in your direction?"

How do you arrest someone? "Hop on the back!"

KiddNYC1O 20

#118 PPPFFFFFFTTTTT i get similar results with a .50.AE Desert Eagle Mark XIX plus 1 extra bullet.

Mr. A. Teen, I was under the belief that internally suppressed weapons were illegal in California without a Title 1 permit. Correct me if I'm wrong. ~M. Squid

They belong to my uncle who lives in el salvador, a gun ethusiast (sp?) and a veteran to the civil war in the 80's, not necessarly (sp?) mine, he own's them in el salvador, not in the states and never will be.

Your grammar and spelling are atrocious. Just so you know.

herop 0

Oh :D why dont you care them? You should have scare them

mohammadkm95 6

Lol stupid kids, they should know cops can't do that while eating doughnuts

RA661 8

Sucks how much disrespect officers get nowadays. -.- Hopefully it's not going to be like that all the time you're on duty. ^.^

There are some good cops but it seems most are power hungry douche bags. I can't blame the kids considering the quality of our police these days.

a_nutritionist 10

yeah cos im sure any experiences teenagers have with police officers are a result of victimisation and prejudice. its not like teenagers have a tendency toward acting like tough guys for no reason, nope, unheard of.

suckstoobeyou 0

Its not all cops.Its only bike cops that are disrespected because ppl thinks that are pussys for being bike cops,

a_nutritionist 10

you dont honestly expect people to take you seriously when you type like that do you? im all for cutting corners but that borders on illiterate.

Lay down the law on 'em then, my dude. ...or you know, stroll away on your bike.