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Today, I called my boss to let her know that I was suffering from severe depression and that my doctor suggested I take a month's leave. Her response? "Glad you are getting help, however we can't hold your job. No need to come to the office, we'll mail your stuff to you." FML
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Go sue happy. You got the doc's note already right?

Well unless you had something written from your doctor saying you needed to take leave, your boss had no obligation to hold your job for you. It's most likely going to be an ongoing problem and if you need to take that much leave for it it's most likely going to effect your performance again.


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You are the definition of weak. Way to talk about yourself in 3rd person. :P

#1 I wouldnt agree that OP's boss is not sensitive. In fact he offered quite a decent solution. I'd love to do my work while sitting in house. Not many employers however will agree on such a work environment.

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Except when that Month is over, the OP is what most people would call "fired". That's not exactly the most awesome thing to happen to anyone.

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His boss told him that they can't hold the job in other words, he is fired. The boss never said the OP can work at home....

Actually, he should punch his boss for wanting him out of there so quickly, he's MAILING his shit to him. Somewhat convenient for the OP's boss considering the OP probably won't march into the boss' office looking for confrontation. Smart boss...

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she fired him. not offered him a house job

Go sue happy. You got the doc's note already right?

This. Get legal advice. Take it to court. When you win from settlement or an actual ruling, you will feel better and can use that money for the much needed anti-depressing vacation.

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Well, I agree. And I only tell people to sue as advice when they have not been treated in the way that they should have. The OP has cause.

Not necessarily. An employer cannot fire someone for suffering from a medical condition UNLESS that medical condition makes it impossible for them to do their job even with reasonable accommodations. Basically, the ADA prevents an employer from firing an employee because they think their wheelchair makes other people uncomfortable, but not from firing an employee because their wheelchair makes it impossible to do their job as a ballet dancer. A month's absence may not be a reasonable accommodation at all, depending on your duties and the size of the company. For example, a job that requires little skill or training in a large company where many people perform the same duties, it would be easy to fill with a temporary worker. Conversely, the same accommodations for someone holding a job that requires specialized training at a small company where you are the only one with those responsibilities would cause a serious hardship to the business. The employer is even more in the clear since the condition is not a result of the job and there are no workman's compensation issues. Basically, you cannot do your job and they do not owe you anything. However, it would be best to look into drawing social security disability while you are becoming able to go back to work. It was designed for situations like this one.

I don't know what's legal here and not but it makes sense to me, I mean sure it sucks for you but they gotta make money, and the best way to do that is probably not to pay someone for no job at all. There's probably systems, laws and stuff for this though that I don't know of, but I can't see why the boss needs to care more than she did.

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I think it's more the cold vibe it gives off. Seems all: "Good riddance, don't let the door hit you on the way out". Plus depending on the job, the termination may have been uncalled for. Its not like he'd be paid on the month off, just like a long vacation... Which is kinda what he got in the end... A REALLY LONNNGGG VACATION... lol... Sorry your boss sucks so much OP... =( Get better! =)

it's called FMLA. if your doctor diagnoses you with an illness, mental or otherwise, and states that it impairs your ability to perform your job and you need time off to seek treatment, they HAVE to hold your job for you. which is only fair, i mean it's not like you CHOSE to get sick. the entire point of FMLA being passed was to remedy the problem of medical leave being left to the discretion of individual employers. you do have to have been there for at least a year and generally you have to be full-time to qualify for FMLA, but other than that, unless you work for some tiny company with 6 employees, if you meet the criteria for a serious medical condition that impairs your ability to do your job and requires time off for treatment, your employer cannot fire you for requesting leave. depending on how badly OP wants to stay with that company, i'd suggest looking up the legal guidelines for requesting and receiving FMLA and bring the issue to HR (or higher if necessary). odds are what they've done is not legal.

That's gay though. So what if they can only afford to hire one person at a time for the position? The person will pop up and say "Ok, gimme back my job now, I'm not sad anymore". And they'll have to fire the replacement (back to square one). Besides, I'm depressed all the time, but I just suck it up and continue with life. There's no way I'd ever take a vacation for it.

#42, is exactly correct. I had to be hospitalized for my depression. I was giving time off from work because of FMLA. The company had to hire a temp to do my job while I was in the hospital and when I was better I went right back to work. They can't fire you if your Dr states you need time off. They can only fire you if you go beyond the time limit of FMLA.

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#81, for the love of god, please google clinical depression. You don't feel "depressed", you feel sad. People HAVE depression.

That will really help ur depression! FYL

Hey at least they are getting treatment - hence the time off work From experience I was working and started getting panic attacks - I couldn't get to work for a month and I ended up resigning - to not put pressure on myself. 18 years later - best move I made - clean start. Look at positive - if they won't hold your job and can't understand that you are sick - do you really want to go back and work there!

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First rule of Fight Club is you do not talk about Fight Club. :P

Not that, considering that it's illegal to fire someone due to a diagnosed disability. OP has a good lawsuit there, good enough to not need to work anymore anyway so I hope he or she goes sue happy and spends the rest of their life doing whatever the **** they feel like.

Well unless you had something written from your doctor saying you needed to take leave, your boss had no obligation to hold your job for you. It's most likely going to be an ongoing problem and if you need to take that much leave for it it's most likely going to effect your performance again.

He can if the doctor didn't say they had to take time off, and it was just a suggestion.

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Depression is considered an illness though. And its a horrid feeling, no one is depressed by choice. Also, just letting everyone know, it is clearly stated that the boss is a "she" not a "he"... :P

@ TC1 You clearly know ****-all about depression.