By smurfpoo - 09/08/2011 07:35 - Canada

Today, while cleaning the bathroom in a suite at the hotel I work at, I heard a couple come in, and then a marriage proposal. She said no, that she had been seeing someone else and left the room. I was then alone in the bathroom, listening to a grown man sob. FML
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That's when you walk upto him and say: Yes, oh dear god yes! /hold out your hand

Just leave the room and move on. You were doing your job and have to continue doing your job


Just leave the room and move on. You were doing your job and have to continue doing your job

Olovio 5

Yeah, but he probably wasn't finished cleaning.

Just leave him a handful of mints on his pillow. That might help?

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Take the ring as a tip for cleaning and leaving mints :) Solves any money problems you might have by selling the ring and removes an object that will remind this poor man of his misfortune. It's a win-win situation :D

yamatelle 19

Ask him what's wrong. If he "nothing", just scream at the top of your lungs "Well shut up then!"

Elinx 1

haha,good idea

Give him a good old fashioned handy.

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Lmao i saw that one

eminemchick 19

thats way more of a fuck his life..i feel so bad for him:/

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There was nothing you could do. I hope you didn't stay in the bathroom the whole night, that would be weird...

When I first read this I thought he proposed in the bathroom :P oh and get over it op, you're not the one who just lost the supposedly love of his life. Poor guy D:

That's harsh. FHL for sure.

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More like fuck his life. Poor guy

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Wow dude, I feel sorry for you. The whole point of life is relationships and if you never have something to cry about your entire life it must be fucked up( ur mum, girlfriend, sister....)

salvorican 24

Sooo crying over a man would be better for u? ;)

-22 Crying shows weakness. I should've said don't cry over anything. Of course it's human, but when a tough person cries they are never looked at the same. I was going to excuse family members but some members and certain mothers are nothing to cry for (ehhm Casey Anthony)

otb113 7

unless it's about her tits

Crying also shows the ability of the brain to process deep and meaningful info on a lvl shown only by complex organisms

-42 Yay! Smart stuff! :( I wish I paid attention more in biology, I would have become a chemist if a prostitute wasn't so much fun.

I don't understand the problem of crying here. He isn't doing it in public. He is genuinely, and has every right to be, upset. He put his heart out on the line and got rejected. I would be worried if he shrugged his shoulders and said, "On to the next."

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If a guy cries it shows they care and have a heart and feelings... And some girls like that cus it shows that they arent a dick. At least in my eyes if a guy crystal it shows they aren't a dick.

dude crying doesnt show weakness... its normal, i always feel better after a couple good hours of crying (: plus if the guy was asking her to marry him then she must have meant a real lot to him ... would have been sad if he hadnt cried

-59 I don't disagree with the top part, but usually crying makes me feel shitty, My hands all wet with tears, my moans that sound like a horse. Unless that's just me.

I cry all the time!

Besides, he (thought he) was in a hotel room, alone. So his public image had nothing to do with it.

^ in a hotel room with OP. He wasn't alone.

that's why he said thought

fthku 13

"but when a tough person cries they are never looked at the same" Oh for crying out loud (no pun intended), what are you, 5? Grow up.

Yeah never cry over a girl. That's poof shit. The trick is to bottle your emotions deep inside until you're such an unbearable emotionally damaged arsehole that no-one can stand you. Then you can take comfort in the fact that while everyone hates you and you're an unhappy person, you at least never cried over a girl like some poofy little sook.

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Leave the poor guy alone. He obviously had his heart broken. There's nothing wrong with the occasional good cry, male or female. It's even healthy. As long as you don't cry ALL the time over every little thing...THAT is weak! :)

goob? seriously, youre on fml? holy crap lol

whats not sucking right now? OP

27 I read your description and I would like to inform you that hippies are awesome.

"Today, my girlfriend turned down my marriage proposal because she's seeing someone else. Then this creeper in the bathroom listened to me cry about it. FML."

That's when you walk upto him and say: Yes, oh dear god yes! /hold out your hand

Then you take the ring and run.

I feel like we'll be seeing this man on FML in the near future..

That awkward moment when you have an awkward moment :') FHL for sure.

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It's hardly an FHL if by that you mean the woman who had been cheating and leading that poor man on. Surely you can't mean that, cause that would explain a stereotype I can see.

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he didnt propose in the restroom! he proposed in the other room.

deathpotato 11

They weren't in a restroom, they were in a hotel suit. The OP was a cleaning lady that just happened to be doing her job in the bathroom at the wrong time.

I love you all.

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I love you more

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Who cares.