By TheKingKen - 13/02/2015 08:40 - Australia - Perth

Today, while watching a clip of the show "16 and Pregnant" on YouTube in my room, my mom yelled from the kitchen that dinner was ready. Without skipping a beat, I yelled back, "I'm pregnant!" I'm a guy. FML
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TheKingKen tells us more.

TheKingKen 22

Ha! OP is so dumb. His tiny brain can't even function properly :D But just to clarify some things, English is my second language. We rarely speak English at home. In my native language, saying "I'm pregnant" and "I'm full" (because I already ate at the time) sounds similar enough for me to confuse the two phrases if I don't pay enough attention :D

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This doesn't even make any sense to me.

You're a strong independent man who don't need no fertilization


iAmPaul 49

Freudian slip. It happens to the best of us.

Hands down the best slip up psych come back!

incoherentrmblr 21

If you're mom is Italian and/or cooked Italian food, chances are you will be pregnant...

It's the ABSOLUTE worst when it happens to me , and it happens more than it should to me

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nataliewby 25

How would OP, a male, be coming out by accidentally saying he's pregnant?

CammyGal 26

males can be pregnant, let's stop pretending trans people don't exist

Found the SJW.

Feels like we have a lot of them here on FML, your comment would be appropriate in response to 50% of replies made.

Nickb55 16

Even SJWs should know that transgendered or not, males cannot get pregnant. If they're oh so knowledgeable they'd realize that sex and gender are, by definition, very different. Male and female are sexes. Boy and girl are genders. Most SJWs blindly jump on a bandwagon of ignorance and it's really annoying.

18 - its only possible if they still have the nesessary FEMALE parts. just because they call themselves male and may have a penis, that doesnt count...

#30 it's actually the other way around. Boy and girl are sex, male and female are genders.

If a Trans had more ovaries than testees, I'd say they were female.

nataliewby 25

#18, the FML specifically is an FML because he's a male and unable to be pregnant. I never was being ignorant towards transgenders...

Meaning of SJW please?

Nickb55 16

Social Justice Warrior.

iAmPaul 49

62 - There's a wonderful thing called Google.

SJW is an excellent word. How could it ever be used as a form of insult? I'd be honoured. Also OP, YDI for watching 16 and prego at all.

As in, it's a shame that it's used to describe something negative. *cringes at the double post, but explanation was needed*

79, the only thing that should make you cringe is the fact you'd like to be called a SJW. It has a negative meaning for a reason, just like the Nazi party. That might be an odd example, but it's all I can think of right now.

This doesn't even make any sense to me.

It's a known fact that if you watch "16 and pregnant" you become 16 and pregnant. It's a great remedy for old age and infertility.

I didn't know that, thanks for explaining! Although it's still a strange FML to my mind.

#14 you found the solution to the biggest problem..

I don't see how this solves my Wifi dropping a match when I'm doing really well, but ok.

I don't understand. She would know that's impossible, right?

Maybe you've got something to share with your parents

Go back to troll land

Like that the op has secretly a girl and has been lying to her parents her whole life?

You're a strong independent man who don't need no fertilization

Haha! Well that must of confused your mom

* must have!!!!

Gotta feed that food baby of yours!!! c:

not sure how this is a FML... seems like some random stupidness I would yell to my mom just being funny...

I don't really get why this is an FML since your mom probably knows you're a guy, but yeah it's funny