By fatcat117 - / Friday 22 April 2011 01:53 / United States
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  Lieto  |  1

Having some feelings towards someone and deciding to be with him isnt the same. You can have feelings to the person who turned out to be ignorant, histerical homeboy but you wouldnt want to live life with such a person.

  Micayla  |  12

I have a class with my ex and I hate it. For me, he was very abusive in our relationship so it's hard to "just ignore" him. I can see where the OP is coming from if they have a situation like mine.

  j0k3r2213  |  0

This almost happen to me but said i should be a man about it and go to the same classes oh well if she is there.. well she changed her classes. im glad i didnt :)

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