By fatcat117 - 22/04/2011 01:53 - United States

Today, in order to avoid seeing my ex-girlfriend in class, I changed my schedule for "personal reasons." Apparently she had the same idea and changed her schedule as well. We now have all the same classes together. Before, we had just two. FML
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spell right

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14 nice :D

what's spelt wrong?

24 mods probably fixed it

this is the first time I've seen you comment Alan. hello there!

ninjas are cool, lurking in the shadows however... haha kidding

FML's Alan = The James Bond of the internet. Armed to the teeth with cats, witty comebacks, and intriguing pickup lines.

manhoe suit wearing, cool car owning, bow tie wearing bond? HELLOOOOO ALAN!

don't take it the wrong way Alan, I'm not gonna suck up to you in your moderating godliness. though, have a nice day :) hehe

just kidding stay away from the moderate button!

Who could refrain that had a heart to love, and in that heart courage to make love known?

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lol dummy

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Alan, are you Jason Kidd?

If you both have broken up why is it bothering you so much?

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because now they're broken up and in all the same classes...

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Because fate has decided that they're meant to be together, and you can't argue with fate.

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they still have feelings for each other but they just won't admit it

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Having some feelings towards someone and deciding to be with him isnt the same. You can have feelings to the person who turned out to be ignorant, histerical homeboy but you wouldnt want to live life with such a person.

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that "ment to be" shiit is over rated.! dude' just ignore her

I have a class with my ex and I hate it. For me, he was very abusive in our relationship so it's hard to "just ignore" him. I can see where the OP is coming from if they have a situation like mine.

Are you studying to become a cook or what?

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Trooollin' I see.

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stalker much? :P

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wait that doesn't make sense sorry :)

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Aww I'm so sorry for you :(

Don't just stand there! I'm sure you have a nurses outfit somewhere...

it's too early in the morning to think right now...

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Wow, what are the chances of that happening?

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This almost happen to me but said i should be a man about it and go to the same classes oh well if she is there.. well she changed her classes. im glad i didnt :)

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well switch them back..

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wow big deal?! ydi for not dealing with the two little classes to begin with it's not like you two had to interact

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Shut up you would do the same