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  gunmania0  |  12

The shower head was probably mouldy by the sounds of it.

  You_Need_Soap  |  6

She must be really ugly! What woman can't scream "FREE PUSSY" and have at least one dude lining up. It's the magic of pussy power, baby! Embrace it! (back up plan: shower-heads are $12.99 at Walmart. Buy a new one.)

  NinaTatianna  |  9

What?? that was such an ignorant comment. what do you think happens when stuff goes down the drain? Do you think it circulates back into the system and squirts back out on you??

By  Crlnprz  |  11

Go in a sex shop and out with a dildo and stick it in a drawer to hide it from your parents. Yes it sounds fishy but you should try it.

By  MissRoxiie  |  12

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