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  yousuckgays  |  5

ydi for being gay ga ppl are the worst scum on the earth worst then any thing hilter was better then ur scum you should go and die no one likes gays cuz there sucm gay ppl make me sick die and dont make more you gays are the bigest problem in the world you suck and i think ur suck go to hell where u sould be you god dam scum hilter was a better person then any gays in the world so go die

  Crysta_fml  |  5

wow! so erm.... women who love men are gay now? that's new... are you so idiotic and judgemental you assume that OP is a man, even though it clearly states (woman)

  bribubbles  |  5

# 60 Are you seriously that ignorant and stupid? People like you are the reason that there are hate crimes and why gay people are sometimes afraid for their lives. And seriously comparing gay people to Hitler ( who I am pretty sure was straight) Hitler was responsible for mass genocide, last time I checked there wasn't a mass genocide of that level committed by a gay person. You are a homophobe and you are just wasting air that other people who are worthy of it need to breathe. I honestly think that ou are a sad waste of a human being!!!! (oh and the op is a female!!!) oh and just to get on your nerves I am watching the musical rent.


Yeah it really could have been worse! My former "close friend" said she couldn't be friends with me anymore and has refused to have anything to do with me since. It was really, really awful. All I wanted was to tell her, I didn't expect anything to come of it. At least he's still your friend and you have had the chance to express your feelings. Good luck in future. Hope you find someone else.

  corme_fml  |  6

I think it's understandably hopeful for the OP to think after 8 years he might love her back. "suddenly?" it's not like she sprung this on him after a month long friendship

  theblazian  |  6

A month long friendship would be better actually..... atleast then she wouldn't have spent 8 years of her life loving a dude but never telling him in hopes that one day her passive actions would make him fall in love with her.

  corme_fml  |  5

I would say the friend's response is not hinting at further interest. Hopefully he comes out and tells her exactly how he feels so there isn't future miscommunication between them... especially if he really wants to continue being friends...


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