By Anonymous - 13/01/2012 03:50 - United States

Today, I left my empty shower running so I could pretend I didn't still live alone. FML
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LawSixx 11

What a way to waste water as well.

WTF? Don't be so selfish! Think about the environment, dude! ;) I'll get me coat...


Aww man, that sucks. Check online for people looking for roommates?

daysgoby902 6
ShroomsOnAcid 16

All he/she us bound to find is deranged psychos. Don't you know the internet is where all the creeps hang around?

Thats the most pathetic thing ive ever heard

Deranged psychos, eh? "Today, I finally moved in with my new roommate. I realized that she leaves the shower on when I'm not around because she gets lonely... I'm a tad bit worried about her now..."

Now you're pathetic and a danger to the environment, congrats.

How is op a danger? This seems pretty harmless, just silly.

1- Agreed. Talk to a friend of yours about moving in with you, or invite your friends over just to hangout after work or something.

The commentator stated "danger TO THE ENVIRONMENT". Implying she's wasteful of natural resources, namely the chemical dihydrogen monoxide (a common ingredient found in tap water).

DiHydrogen monoxide... So water? It's not too smart to just say water in a scientific way. Just kinda makes you look douchie.

61, have you seen your picture? .. Or your username?

Forever alone? ... Someone had to say it

That's where all the creeps are, like us? =P

MerrikBarbarian 9

Aye, that's what I plan to do. If I don't have a partner soon, I'll just share a place with some friends who are also single. Share resources, not waste them

xoconnie 8

how would that help??? were u trying to convince urself??? or someone else?

LawSixx 11

What a way to waste water as well.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

It would be acceptable if OP had a method of catching and retaining all the water for later use.


66- Thank you, I always thought it stood for original poster. How stupid of me.

yeah, were you trying to prove it to yourself or your water bill?

jmtmxer 0

Is that why it says united states ? ^^

What a waste! Everyone knows you just leave the tv on in another room... ;-;

Taking "forever alone" to a whole new level.

WTF? Don't be so selfish! Think about the environment, dude! ;) I'll get me coat...

don't feel bad. loneliness is like a drug, you just can't think straight

Hell yeah that's why I like drugs. I take 'em so I can only think crooked, lol

Snafuusmc 12

Hey at least your not waking up in a ditch.

whoa that was an old comment meant for a different FML lol

what did you did, throw it up into the ceiling fan?

wrong FML. Fail on my part. if it makes you feel better, i'm on FML all the time cause i'm lonely :P

yep, an honest mistake is the end of the world...

Ozone1232 5

Great, now you're lonely and wasteful.

clanon 4

All by myseeeelllfff, don't wanna be all by myseeeelllfff anymoooorreee.

Glockinator 2

I went to the bedroom..... All by myself. I didn't think anyone remembered that song but me because of I reference people look at me like I'm nuts