By Anonymous - 17/10/2014 10:13 - New Zealand - Auckland

Today, while out for dinner with my parents, a woman, approximately the same age as my mother, repeatedly propositioned me for sex during the course of my meal. After declining firmly several times, she only stopped after my mother convinced her I was gay. FML
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She should respect your decision, men don't want to have sex all the time with anyone!

CanyonRose 16

Fyl but your mom is a savior in the weirdest way. Unless you are gay then your mom is still savior.


bigmike25 11

Decisions decisions xD

Especially hard when mom is around.

I can't tell if that was a failed attempt at incest humor, which is an auto fail anyway. Or extremely poor word choice.

badluckbayan 16

That pun was excellent

But are you actually gay?

incoherentrmblr 21

Doesn't matter, declined sex...

the cougars are on the prowl

She should respect your decision, men don't want to have sex all the time with anyone!

Yea I know right!! Just 99% of the time.. Geez. Sarcasm..

I thumbed myself down for my last comment. It's actually a myth that all guys will fuck any girl that makes an advance... We're not all sluts.

You misspelled 'Awesome' as 'sluts'!

You misspelled 'STD ridden' as 'Awesome'

It is rather bothersome that people are so intent on encouraging everybody to have as much sex as they possibly can and not worry about judgments from society, but nobody cares about encouraging people to use protection. If you're going to advertise for sluttiness then great, do that. But you should also be advocating for use of condoms anytime you do that. If you care about telling people to bone as much as possible but don't care about telling them to be safe about it then you're basically just screaming "Go get as many STDs as you can!"

Life is short "fuck, drink, and be merry."

Y'all motherf*ckers need Jesus.

I can't stevothedevo serious when his picture is a selfie of him winking at the camera

razzledazzle21 23

If they don't know to be safe when having sex they shouldn't be having sex.

I don't think anyone can take you, a man, serious with sponge bob square pants as your pic.. Lmao

And patrick.. Why don't people include patrick? He's only spongebobs' best friend.

"Fuck all you want" is a valid way to go. It's a privilege of the responsible, and a trap for the reckless. They should legalize crack too....if you're dumb enough to smoke it, it'll take you out of the gene pool.

CanyonRose 16

Fyl but your mom is a savior in the weirdest way. Unless you are gay then your mom is still savior.

Sometimes, any outlet that works is one you just gotta take.

LittleRed79 39

Yeah 32, I'm pretty sure that's exactly what that woman was hoping for.

No I think that was OP's problem in the first place.

giantsfan2010 23

That had to be awkward in front of your parents

Oh shit, really??

giantsfan2010 23

Yep, who would have guessed?

sounds like a very GAY situation! hahaha

I still can't believe people use gay to describe bad things. :-/

ahippienamedrae 10

Gay=happy, so I disagree.

You'd be in prison had the situation been reversed.

After the second time is when you so bring polite. "I don't want to have sex with you because you're a sad loathsome hideous abomination I wouldn't be caught dead with in a plague pit."

#6 i agree.... gender equality

or perhaps beaten to a pulp.

Am I the only one who thought #15's comment was funny? I agree it was a little extreme.. But I laughed pretty fuckin hard it.

*stop *being polite. Damn Swype. And I don't think it's extreme. It's pretty rude to repeatedly proposition someone for sex, like the answer is going to change. If the gender roles were reversed, people would be advocating that OP use physical violence. So considering that, I think my proposal is pretty mild.

6 - I don't know about that. OP might be a legal adult, but still much younger that lady. Hypothetically, an 18 year old and a 75 year old could date.

60 his point was it was harassment and a guy would have been arrested for it

slayer447 17

15 - That escalated quickly

Mortoli 30

For one thing I don't know for certain but op might not be under 18 just either a doesn't want to sleep with her or b nervous cause with parents or c all the above lol. But seriously if he was under age his mom would have made a scene. While dad of course laughed his ass off. Just saying lol. Other way around would have ended with the jackass in hospital lol.

Some people lack tact and manners, go your mom for getting rid of her!

if it was my son id be doing more than being polite. shed not be bothering him again thats for sure. ...

Who comes u and asks that though, you made the right choice man

Your name suits this question.

Who asks that when someone is out with their family too? What kind of restaurant were you at Op?!

Mature women know what they want and how to get i... Oh wait. Maybe they don't know how to get it!

Well at least someone is attracted to you right? Take it as a creepy compliment haha

A creep-liment, if you will?

#34 no I will not.