By jack1057

Black Lives Matter

Today, I was on my way home and there were BLM protestors, who I have no problem with, but my car was parked where they were and I had to sit there for three hours until they left so I could drive off. FML
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  Jillian Cosby-Kelly  |  15

....... do you understand what a protest is?

  samomaha  |  17


  JillianJuneBug  |  39

Nobody is that oppressed in America anymore. Give me a break.

  ojoRojo  |  27

Bloopaloop I know he didn’t say he’s oppressed, I’m saying that Black people are.

JillianJuneBug I’ll listen to BIPOC for their opinions on that.

  TinScarecrow  |  15

It's that old "We're on the good side so EVERYTHING we do is justified" mentality. Every group with no self awareness has had this mentality at one point or another

By  galvinizd  |  7

You don't have a problem with a marxist organization who want to Defund the Police, abolish the Constitution, and don't believe in the patriarchal family? Ya... FYL.