By UGGGH that was my 2nd attempt too - 04/09/2013 21:14 - United States - Pittsburgh

Today, I took my driver's test. The woman administering it wouldn't even look at me, so trying to be friendly I said the first thing I could think of: "It must be scary getting in the car with someone you don't know!" She failed me for "excessive chatting." FML
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Oh that's just wrong.

I don't think they're allowed to fail you for that. Some people talk a lot when they're nervous. Sorry, OP.


Oh that's just wrong.

Hey! You look like that guy from that 70's show. Now that's just wrong!

#2 way change your pic

#11 - sure, OP is eligible to sue, but it costs thousands of dollars, all just to prove a point. It's not like it will get him a license for compensation. Better to suck it up, and ask for a new assessor.

She must have had such a bad day! Sorry OP ):

Before my test I was told not to speak to the instructor. I'm pretty sure it is in the rules.

Sue?? The instructor had every right to fail op. when you are chatting and driving, your full attention isn't on the road.

you had the right intentions, maybe she had social anxiety? try again and request a different instructor.

I don't know why this comment got so many thumbs down...

exactly! my question is also the same. does it mean that people also give thumbs down without any logical or valid thought?

Having social anxiety still shouldn't make OP fail the test.

social anxiety, understandable. but if that were the case, that's still not a reason to fail him. that would just be mean

I don't think they're allowed to fail you for that. Some people talk a lot when they're nervous. Sorry, OP.

Just curious, do you support feminism?

You must have scared her or she must have thought you are nervous. Instructors are sometimes mean but this is total crap.

whats wrong with being nervous? everybody is nervous. especially when its the first time taking a driving test.

Wow, what a hoe

what does failing someone on their driving test have anything with being a hoe? idiot.

What do garden tools have to do with anything in this story?

Well, OP's instructor sounds like a tool.

Whore isn't the correct term for someone like her. Unfair is better.

Someone doesn't like their job.. It wasn't your fault, OP!

It seems like almost all people who work for the DMV don't like their job... When I was done taking my permit test last year and brung it up to the guy behind the desk, he had a straight face the entire time with no eye contact whatsoever.

I think that's called being professional, 26.

she can't fail you for that. there's no option on the driving sheet checklist that says "excessive talking" to check off.

Wow what a bitch. Excessive talking isn't something you can fail someone for, especially when you only said one sentence. You need to file a complaint.

Next time go with her.. N crash d car by saying dt it was her instruction

And what would that solve, exactly?

#15 that was the most stupid comment I've ever read on FML on so many levels.

Killing that instructor