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By danii - 05/10/2011 03:28 - Reserved

Today, I drove to the liquor store completely naked except for my dressing gown, with a carload of idiot stoners who ran in and stole vodka, tequila and whiskey. We drank in a bush. Last week I was a good citizen, and now I'm white trash. I'm not quite sure what happened in between. FML
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razzberry 9

I mean.....honestly you have control here.


razzberry 9

I mean.....honestly you have control here.

I'd recommend you check yourself before you wreck yourself.

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dis aent even fml dat sounds so0o0oo mean!!!! to drink in bush naked lyk bush men

enonymous 8

34 - thank you for destroying the English language. You may now upgrade to destroying the Chinese language

purplebluetattoo 3

Exactly. YDI for making bad decisions. I hope your life turns around.

Dressing gown = robe, that was a response to #3

What happened in between = u were a complete anti social so no matter who said hello to u, u would cling on to them even these low life fucktards who treat u like crap... Will power fir the win!

Actually, it doesn't sound like he/she has control at all. On the bright side, OP, you've got your introduction story for your first AA or NA meeting.

OP, by the sounds of it, you've began to recover already... First step's already complete - you've admitted the problem. Now, just introduce yourself to us properly, following the AA formality, and we shall be your comforting fellow 'White trashers'.

Where does the fml come in? Total ydi dumbass

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Pretty sure she's wrecked already

Cuz I'm bad for your health I come real stealth

I think the words that you are looking for are "happen to". HAPPEN TO

But black girls tend to be naturally trashy and the only white girls listen to courtney love and shoot herion all day Rip kurt

That was you? Wish bro way to steal my sh!t.

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RockstarRN 10
RockstarRN 10

And how does one become FML team?

RedPillSucks 31

Is the FML team all friends or a bunch of people that don't know each other from all over?

We're all friends, or at least we are when the antidepressants kick in.

How the hell don't you people know what a bloody dressing gown is. Jesu cristo!!!

Wow that's actually pretty funny how we weren't even talking about the FML, but didn't get moderated cause were actually talking to the FML team

TheCarChanel 0

Can't you just ask, "What is a dressing gown?" Why the profanity?

Dressing gown, bath robe, house coat... You know?

meaganinja 12

How the **** can you not know what a dressing gown is... Are you American or something?

meaganinja 12

How the **** can you not know what a dressing gown is... Are you American or something?

That says it all right there, ellipses are the universal answer...

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What a clever and well thought out response

Might be that thing u and ur stoner friends r smoking... There's a reason it's illegal

walterism 0

hey come on now that's way too much stereo typing right there

In fact i would say that it would normally be the opposite, it's alcohol that makes you do dumb shit like that

lmfao_shame 9

how is that opposite to what he's saying?!!!

Because alcohol DOES cause many many more problems than marijuana. It's not just a stereotype, it's a fact.

Past FML Reference FTW... Interestingly, I just checked and that other one has same user name. It could be the same OP!

Hey I just noticed that in the FML you just referenced, the OP has same name as this OP, could be the same person.

Hey I just noticed that in the FML you just referenced, the OP has same name as this OP, could be the same person.

mgsoloist 14

Alcohol makes dumb shit happen. Weed makes you go on fun adventures. Half the time that adventure is the grocery store but when your high everything is an adventure! :D

Weed/illegal drugs don't make you do stupid things? Good call stoners. It seems clear that they were stoned before they stole the alcohol.

I was being sarcastic when I said good call by the way if you're too stoned to notice. I know a LOT of stoners and they do a lot more stupid crap than alcoholics. I'm in NO WAY saying alcohol isn't bad.

Holy shit people, Doing either alcohol or drugs impairs your judgement. Although, why did OP drink the booze when he was having the munchies?

56- alcohol may cause more problems, but that doesn't mean it's great to smoke weed. Despite what you guys all say, scientific studies show that weed is as bad (or worse) for you as cigarettes. Weed also impairs judgement, just like alcohol. Go ahead and thumb my comment down if you want, but I'm stating the REAL facts.

sirhobothesecond 3

and the reason is that in the 1930s a greedy ass tree paper company ran a campaign against hemp and hemp products which were outselling tree paper products. They made up some bullshit about how it effects the body and the government gave in to it and made it illegal.

icefshng8 9

But you're not addicted to weed, NOBODY smokes the equivalent to two packs of smokes a day. And it clears the mind!!

MeMareeh 0

Weed is NOT addictive. One may like it and want to smoke it and even smoke it all the time but when one stops there is no withdrawal. There is a huge difference between really liking something and being addicted to something. If I'm wrong then be forwarned because chocolate and ice cream could become the next iilegal substance :-)

RedPillSucks 31

That's the definition of physical addiction. There's also psychological addiction. Weed is in that category.

monkeys1315 0

I know many people who are addicted to weed. So I believe it is just as addicting if not more so then alcohol.

Nobody smokes that much because they can't. If you have some decent weed you'll stay high for a couple hours. So it's basically impossible unless you keep on smoking.. And smoking.. And smoking.. And smoking.. Yeah..

cbdee 8

Stupid pple do stupid things, the weed/drugs/alcohol just enhance what's already there...

96- so smoking doesn't hurt lungs or anythings else right? Where's your proof of this? For the rest of you, my dad was what you all describe as a "casual smoker" and was abusive. When he was high he'd beat me bloody and always said that it didn't feel like he was being like that (due to the weed "slowing things down"). Drugs are ******* stupid. Be a real adult and handle shit without getting intoxicated (drugs AND alcohol)!!

Doing drugs is stupid, as is excessive drinking. Anything that impairs your judgment and makes you think that robbing a liquor store and drinking in a bush is probably a bad idea. Some people shouldn't be allowed into society.

You guys are all stupid! It clearly states in the DSM-IV that marijuana is not addictive because there is no psychological or physical withdrawals, so next time use a legitimate source when you give people information.....

Have you guys ever noticed that whenever someone puts the words "marihuana" and "illegal" together, a whole debate goes on?

In case anyone is wondering, my double comment at 66 & 67 was aimed at #33 but ended up here.. sorry, FAIL x2

TraceCase_ 19

Yeah, shouldn't you actually be grounded or something right now? Why are you out roaming the streets, getting in more trouble?

TraceCase_ 19 comment above doesn't belong here, sorry.

CSRozell 4

lmao agreed And I have a feeling op is a female and stoners who drew on her are guys so a lot more probably happened than what we are being told

JuggaletteKlown 0

I just recently had to write a paper about weed for college. And apparently no, weed is less harmful then ciggs. It's ONLY mentally addictive, and is a lot better than alcohol/ciggs by far simply because it makes you happy(unless laced or unless you're stupid and smoke too much), and actually has an effect(unlike ciggs which are only mentally helpful.)d: potheads UNITE!

You guys seem to forget that people are stupid without drugs. It seems op and friends fall into this category.

nothing like another airsoft poser trying to act badass online. let me guess. you like to play call of duty too. I bet you also use the word PWN. Shut up kid.

prince122 0

Alcohol....... Gotta love the things it can make us.

nublets 12

Life, gotta love the things it makes us drink

I love the things alcohol can make us, like beer rolls and tiramisu.

Prince122, i love your picture. Huge Avenged fan myself.

this reminds me of Trent from Punchy. I hate that druggo.

I bet you hooked up with one of the idiot stoners and now are being influenced by his and his friends' poor lifestyle because you want them to like you.. Stand up for yourself!!!

tsim_fml 0

Ok so whatever happened you gotta fix... This is on you not us, you should have looked for help or something before coming to FML

On the bright side you got some free drank...

BellaBelle_fml 23

Apparently your username reflects your way of thinking.

My username, in fact, does not reflect how I think. I tend to think on the bright side of things. I'm sorry if my optimism offends you.

who, besides T Pain, says 'drank'? I believe its drink, or alcoholic beverage

bizarre_ftw 21

Since when is anyone politically correct on this site?