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maybe if it was "Cough, you're, uhh, uuuunique?" but dem deere blind people know what a normal facial structure and a unique one is.


Doesn't really sound accurate...she doesn't know things like eye or hair color or skin tone. I doubt she meant it as ugly.

#5 - Nice spot. Shame if you're right. #0 - Let's be fair here. The girl's blind. How good a judge of beauty can she be?

Did I miss the day where beauty was defined as something purely visual? Because I could swear I've heard beauty, and felt, tasted, and smelled some things that I would definitely call beautiful. As for the term "unique," I think it's fairly obvious to any rational person that she could have meant any number of things, at least half of which are good -- for the OP to jump to conclusions so quickly, he must have a really low self-esteem.

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