By shit_upon_literally - 07/03/2009 05:51 - United States

Today, at a hard rock concert, a bunch of guys accidentally knocked down a port-a-potty while moshing. I was inside that port-a-potty. FML
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shit_upon tells us more.

they were wasted to the point of oblivion and probably had no idea what had just gone down. i didn't cry, but i was REALLY angry about it. my clothes were full of shit but luckily i had an extra pair of pants in my car and i had bought a band t-shirt earlier

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-Insert lame pun containing the word 'shit'-

juneau 0

OMG!! did all the shit fall on u?


juneau 0

OMG!! did all the shit fall on u?

That happened to me before except I was next to the port-a-potty. Hello,, fractured collarbone! I was actually pretty lucky though.

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#113 - you sound like an asshole.

sounds like a bit of a shit evening to me.

was that sappost to be funny??!because it's not -.-

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lol #2

thecookielovrxx 8

No, it's not

Man that must have been a SHITTY concert experience for you OHHHHHHHHHHHHH you gotta have known the lame pun jokes were gonna be coming lol

-Insert lame pun containing the word 'shit'-

mrlopez 13

Like um..."oh crap"?

umm... sounds like the SHIT hit the FAN!

154rct 7


BAHAHahah that sucks! never use a port a potty....unless you absolutely have to!!!

oh my god, poor you :|

ohhelloalexa 0

oh wow.

ouch! that reminds me of the episode of family guy when peter gets mauled by a raccoon and then goes into the port a potty and the bird knocks it down and he goes "ohhh it's everywhere! it's even in my raccoon wounds!"

IKickPuppiesHard 16

I was thinking the same thing!

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