By kalamar5 - 25/05/2014 20:54 - Norway - Sarpsborg

Today, my boss bitched me out for doing some random web browsing while waiting for some documents I needed to arrive, then went back to his desk and went on Facebook, thinking I couldn't see. FML
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boxbrandon11 20

Send him a notification to play FarmVille!


groovycrazyjoe 18

write under anything he post

Depends on who OP's boss is. If he owns the company/runs it and keeps his bosses happy, he can do whatever he wants. It all depends. It sucks, but that's why you should want to get promoted.

It seems as if someone doesn't lead by example...

boxbrandon11 20

Send him a notification to play FarmVille!

Or send him a message from a fake profile he don't recognize asking him about what he's looking at, like, "I see it's your mom's birthday. So did you send her flowers?" Totally creep him out.

brettrb 18

People still use Facebook? I kid.

XxXBadAshXxX 27

Seems like your boss needs to practice what he preaches.

Maybe i like puns a bit too much, but imagine if OP was an assistant pastor and his boss was the main pastor?

Not necessarily. What if his boss owns the company? Then he can do whatever he wants. And yes, because he is paying you, you can stay the hell off FarmVille, which you shouldn't be doing at work anyways, even if you're waiting.

Were you not sure which one was spelt right so just hedged your bets?

Dammit damnit I gave this a thumbs up.

Oh man, theres hippo crates everywhere?? Those things are vicious.

olpally 32

Call him out on it. That's some major bullshit. Jackass.

Nothing really the OP could do if he does call him out on it. He needs to see higher ups instead. Though, regardless what his boss is doing, it's still a YDI for screwing around while on the clock, IMHO.

Well what were they suppose to do ? Sit staring at the screen with a blank look on their face? Either way they are gonna get in trouble.

hypocrites, you cant do anything though, fyl. weve all been through it

uniformed 13

There are benefits of being the boss.

Do what I say not what I do, common leadership fail.

Considering he's the boss he can do whatever he wants. Op is getting paid for his time- the boss is paying himself.

Assuming that he is the owner of the company. Not all bosses pay themselves. They still get paid by the owner of the company therefore he isn't doing what he is being paid to do. You can run a department but that doesn't mean you pay the workers.