By Anonymous - 13/08/2010 16:13 - United States

Today, my friend thought it would be funny to hack my Facebook and "like" everybody's statuses. This includes my boyfriend's about his grandmother dying. FML
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YDI for saying your friend "hacked it". Your friend did not hack into Facebook.


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thats because you ARE an insensitive bitch BITCH

your friend deserves a slap in her face

This has already been am FML. Minus the friend hacking, and the status being your boyfriends. Oh and minus the dumping part.

^then it hasn't already been an fml, has it 30?

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good boyfriend, and great friend;D

that's definitely your fault... don't give peoples passwords. to anything! and the "I forgot my password" thing requires the password to your email! so YDI big time.

my grams just died on wednesday :( I think I'd react the same. maybe in a bit try explaining again when things aren't so fresh.

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well than it hasnt been an FML get it? got it? Good and OP ur life suckz like shane dawsons shows do. and WTF is rong with ur frikin friend hes like an evil zombie

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58&53 my dad calls it FaceSpace or MyFace. lmaoo old people are clueless!!

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time to get a new friend. but first it's time to kick some ass. and then get the friend to admit it or say something like u liked it cuz u knw she's in a better place or something

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it's funny because you have a friend whose neck you have to break

if you agree with 18 reply under 18's comment, not the first

You should have still argued with them...but you could try and blag your way into making them believe you liked it because you feel the same way?

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43 did you stop to think that she didn't give her friend the password and her friend hacked her like OP said?

Sleeper, go play in traffic and if you survive that try playing in a volcano.

Kay thanks for the advice anorexicbarbie. btw. what's ur problem with me?

lol true 69. but i find it hard to believe that she could actually "hack" the facebook system

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ydi for not being convincing.

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big deal it's not like you had actual ties to your bf( like marriage or a baby). move on and get over it.

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I pressed the "like" button on this one. :D

83 - My friend and I went on facebook one day and the homepage said -aha bitches, I hacked facebook! and you said it couldn't be done- so I don't find it hard to believe, but that's just me (:

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I would be kicking my friends ass if I were you

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64- stop copyin Ray William Johnson!!!

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lol 58, 53, 61. (: now twitter is a REAL stalking potential website :o

She probably accidently left her password on the desk and her friends could have stole it and hacked into it.

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it sucks but think about it I'd do the same

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I have read pretty much the same FML before.

She could have just forgotten to log out.

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Be honest. I bet you saw his status and wanted to comment it but you got lazy and just hit the "Like" button

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there is an FML just like this. YDI liar.

Kill her mother, Hack her account and write "my mom just died" and like the status That'll show your friend.

I wouldn't say it's fake. Her "friend" is just an asshole.

wow you get nodded for saying it's a fake effie ML

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you're friend is such a dick... That's horrible.

I wouldn't say that he is a dick. Can't really blame him for being in a bad mood.

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what a jerk! I'd seek revenge. :)

You need to have a talk with your friend. That's a shitty joke. Get your friend to tell your boyfriend that he did it.

Poor grandma People can be bitches (OP's "friend")

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Wow, try talking it out and making your friend come clean to your bf..