Bad omen

By Anonymous - 17/11/2013 13:34 - United States - Los Angeles

Today, my boyfriend and I were about to have our first kiss with each other, but my dog decided to let one rip, stinking up the whole room. My boyfriend still doesn't believe it was my dog who did it. FML
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True. My dogs farts can make your eyes bleed.

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Plot Twist: It was the boyfriend, and he's really good at covering up

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What's the big deal about a fart? It's a natural human body function.

Yes but when said bodily function reeks of death, it kind of ruins the whole sexy time mood.

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Yes but the boyfriend thought it was.

17. once the mood is gone, it's GONE. Til later that day or the next.

clearly you do not have a dog. their farts are toxic and stinky beyond belief!

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I do have a dog but dogs don't control their farts, so just move on and continue with your day. Why are so many people anti-fart? Lol.

I am with you. Animals do what animals do. The issue is he didn't trust her enough to believe her. If i was the bf I would laugh and tease her about the nasty dog fart. Lol

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Right?! That's all I was just trying to say. It doesn't matter if it was her or her dog, it's just a fart. Lol.

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Some people here still need some time to grow up. Pathetic that the most educated comments get thumbed down.. I See why evolution takes that long

some people get turned off when they smell a rancid puke-inducing stench wafting in the air. and I guess some don't.

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72, I did say that you could leave the room, and honestly, it was a kiss. Not much new to be turned on. 71, I'm with you.

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Lol no reason to call me a bitch, 87.

You guys are idiots it's a fart get over it. Let me guess when your at your partners house you hold in your shit till you get home? I think it wouldn't ruin the mood but be funny if anything

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90, seriously! If a fart is going to be a big deal, then you're not in a serious relationship.

My marriage is serious, but we still don't like the dog in the room when we're getting intimate because he farts a lot and the smell can be gag-inducing. It's hard to feel sexy when you're trying not to puke in your mouth.

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that was a CATastrophe. .. oh wait wrong Fml

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Maybe your dog is one of those air fresheners with sensors and goes off everytime he sees you two together?

farts usually don't classify under the "air freshener" category.

You should've looked at your boyfriend with great disgust instead of blaming it on the dog.

but the dog actually did the deed so the blame was justified

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There's an easy fix: Have your boyfriend put his nose up the dog's ass and match it the smell to the fart. With either verdict, you're not going to want to kiss your boyfriend for a while ... or ever.

But he has so many brownish colors in his profile pic. Expert brown noser.

I wonder how many times I'll see this pun on this FML.

Many. But hey, better this than "shitty situation". Edit: I think i jinxed us all.

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