Modern warfare

By Anonymous - 19/02/2022 01:59

Today, I get the feeling my wife is mad at me. I have no evidence to support this, except she ran me a bath with a bath bomb and a shit load of chilli powder, so like I say, no hard evidence except the excruciating burning in my asshole, peehole, ballsack, nostril and eyes. FML
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Id make sure to report this, this is DV, and probably only the start


Id make sure to report this, this is DV, and probably only the start

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what she did is unacceptable but did u care to ask the man exactly what went on in the house. no woman wakes up to do that to her husband for no good reason

It doesn’t matter what happened prior to this, DV is DV. When an ex of mine got pissed at me when I was in the Navy, she waited until I would be at sea to go up to my car at my apartment and break keys( I had no idea she had made copies of my keys) in every single lock on my car and also my apartment, all because I didn’t talk to her longer than I did the night prior to going out to sea. Does that justify the damages she caused? How about the time she tried to poison me with spaghetti with ex lax in the meatballs, all because I didn’t want to go to the movies after having duty and standing the mid watch the night before? Or how about breaking every single window in my car and apartment two days after I broke up with her?

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This is seriously abusive behavior and needs to be stopped immediately. You need to have a long talk with your wife. No matter HOW mad she is, she should never resort to what is effectively an indirect form of assault.

Unless they are involved in some kind of prank war (and from OP saying the wife is mad rather than that she got him back it doesn't sound like it) it doesn't matter what he did. This is not a valid response to being angry.

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Are you sure she mixed a bath with chili powder? Maybe you had an allergic reaction to something in the bath bomb, they put all kinds of weird stuff in those.

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Surface level - it's kinda funny Actual empathy level - that is really not cool and could have seriously injured your more sensitive areas. Please take this seriously and, if able to safely, communicate with your wife that this is NOT an appropriate way to display anger. If you can, therapy can help you figure out better skills for managing these types of interactions so all parties involved understand.