By lexyloo - 26/09/2011 01:52 - United States

Today, my boyfriend preferred to delete his account than admit we are in a relationship on Facebook. FML
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gunmania0 12

People won't even be able to find the relationship status with the new crappy interface!

So he's embarrassed of you? I think you need a new boyfriend.


GogoTheGreat 12

Sounds like you're dating my bf.

Sounds like you and OP should make them an ex-boyfriend

LiyIa_fml 8

You need to dump his ass. Why would you be with someone if you are embarrassed to be with them? Wtf is wrong with people now days.

You guys are obviously stupid and shouldn't be giving dating advice. It's Facebook, it's the Internet, who cares?

You don't need Facebook to validate your relationship.

Why does it matter so much if he doesn't wanna put it on fb? Grow up OP.

crazychick1269 7

And this is why I luv twitter:)

a_nutritionist 10

id agree if the issue was that he wouldnt admit the relationship, but deleting the entire account over it is a little extreme. a simple "no" would have sufficed in most cases.

I don't see why he is making such a big deal out of this

BigEV 0

Maybe he's got two girlfriends and doesn't want them to find out about each other.

CuteDumBlonde64 11

Twitter luv! ^.^ But I cheated on twittert with Facebook...and Youtube...and Google+....and Bebo...and Deviantart.

45 - Apparently from OP's point, you do.

And 102 you and your entire generation are the reason the whole planet is totally ******.

Having the relationship status on Facebook isn't a big deal. However, if I even had FB anymore and my bf refused to acknowledge our relationship, I would definitely think he was embarrassed to be in a relationship with me and/or he has another girl on the side.

gunmania0 12

People won't even be able to find the relationship status with the new crappy interface!

slushpup9696 12

Yeah, but the people who threaten to move to Google+ after a Facebook change are like the people who threaten to move to Canada after an election. They usually don't follow through with it, and if they did, they wouldn't have any friends there.

noobgang7 5

it's like kids on WoW who threaten to quit if their class gets nerfed but are too addicted to follow through.

I know tks is a quite old FML, but still, I'm shocked with the number lotf people letting stupid things such as Facebook influence their relationships. Since when a relationship status on Facebook is more important than HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT YOUR PARTNER? I'm sorry if I'm gonna offend anyone but relationships nowadays are getting stupider and more shallow than ever.

flakitaa22 0

Like it really matters. Facebook is dead now.

I'm waiting for Anonymous to hack into on November 5th.

I'm a lucky person who hasn't received the update yet. Haters be hatin' and other stuff of that sort. btw OP, you should have to force it down your bf's throat to have him change his relationship status. There are people would would prefer not to put stuff like that on the Internet, so you should at least be able to respect his opinion on that subject.

He doesn't consider your relationship to be facebook official so he's your ex now, right?

reddawn85 8

I hate how Facebook has become the deciding factor for every aspect of people's lives.

30- It is a very good tool in my opinion. It just gets too controlling. Also, that you for your service sir. You and others who serve or have served in the armed forces are my heroes.

reddawn85 8

You're very welcome. And you are correct. When used as a tool to keep in contact with people as was intended, Facebook serves a valid purpose. Sadly, it's become more of a popularity contest and drama center. If all my friends weren't scattered across the country, and in some cases, the world, I would have deleted my account long ago.

I completely agree with you 42. I personally dont have a Facebook but people talk about it so much I feel as connected as if I do have one.

Melisso 4

It's just so he can go cheat on you. Dump him.

bfsd42 20

Shut up dumbass. What a moronic and assuming comment.

Melisso 4

Everyone now a days looks up a person on Facebook when they meet especially if it's a sexual interest. If the guy has in a relationship of his stupid profile, I doubt he will get any sex.

Ever think he deleted his account just because he couldn't stand OP drama over the importance of having every part of the relationship publicized? There only needs to be 2 people in a relationship. Not 5 million users.

Melisso 4

No one has 5 million friends on facebook and that's not every aspect of the relationship. It's saying there is one and you are happy for people to know about it.

@ Daralea..... I totally see your point. I feel the same way. When I started dating my ex (it's retarded to even call her that since we didn't even date a week) I was like..oh great since I have her on facebook I'm going to have to change the status or she might get butthurt or the same time I really *wanted* to let everyone know...but all the crap that comes with facebook is just harmful to relationships--and I don't even just mean romantic. It's like a malicious cancer to social relationships. but it goes on unnoticed or undetected. I once erased mine because of all the shit it does...yet lots of people you meet via the internet use facebook as a way to verify people are who they say they are and aren't creepy axe killers...? Pah...

Atleast he hasn't got a facebook, for now. Most relationship arguments occur because of facebook...

BklynQT 0

Yes!! That is why my bf & i arent friends on fb anymore. At first i thought ppl will probably think we are no longer together but hobestly idgaf! I love this freedom & peace.

Vash_41288 10

Are Facebook relationship status updates that important?

If he's unwilling for the relationship to be public, that's a problem. Facebook itself has nothing to do with it.

Because Facebook is the only way to publicly announce a relationship.

scruffy_janitor5 1

Of course! It wouldn't be official otherwise

Freeze, I do hope you're being sarcastic... OP, unless you've done something completely shitty, which I'm sure you haven't, your boyfriend is an asshole.

a_nutritionist 10

@19 unless theres a reason that she is unwilling to acknowledge or he doesnt wanna tell her. maybe one of his friends likes the girl, maybe he wants to wait until theyve been dating for a while before committing to anything, who knows. its all speculation.

59- Nobody is ever sarcastic. Even more so on the internet.

noobgang7 5

Amg guize! I haz Facebook boyfriend. Admire me!!!